The New BX Corporate Networking

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The New BX Corporate Networking

You ever had those people that siad that they know this guy that knows this guy that friends with Busta Rhymes. Well this will put you in contact with that guy to get up with him.. [Well thats something to the sort]
Welcome to BX Corporate Network

Where you can get the contacts that you need and the advice if needed.

Meaning of Corporate Networking
-Using contacts made in business for purposes beyond the reason for the initial contact.
-The exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions
-Meeting people who can be of help to you and being a help to them.
-Opportunities of all kinds and at all levels
I'm trying to get something starting in here to get everyone contact and Networking skills up..

So if you have anything to add or anything that you can contribute to or have any insite Drop a line.

This is the New BX Corporate Network...

We are going to Get this on and popping....

Everyone that has Contacts, Hookups, Advice, or Support This is where you want to be.

How this is done:

Leave your name: ( Real and aka's)
Location: (Where your from)
Contact: (aim, yahoo, aol, email) * dont leave phone numbers on the post
Specialty: (What you have the Hook up for, Contact, or Who you know)
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First name: Chrispen

Location: Toronto, Canada

Expertise: SEO, social media marketing, Online Retail, online media network, product development, production and marketing, custom t-shirt printing, professional clothing line development promotion and marketing, online content website development and monetization (online media-website or blogs) and small business consulting

Am looking for:
- Writers; I need writers/contributors to write short articles for my network of content websites. Can be in a wide range of fields from Automotive to Zoology.
- Web 2.0 developer
- bulletin board (Forum) management expert
- clothing retailer or wholesalers
- anyone who has any knowlege on multculturalism issues

Contact: PM me here or
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Anyone here work with clothing exports? Get at me with a PM and we can setup somthing hopefully

Sign me up


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