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Nas ex wife tells some quick facts about him

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 07-29-2005, 10:41 AM         #1
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@ 10:41 AM 07-29-2005 Nas ex wife tells some quick facts about him

he said Fanie Ann Jones was one of the sweetest nicest people she's ever met

said Jungle and Nas are polar opposites

said Nas used to break down and cry about Ill Will

said Nas cried when Pac and Big died

said Nas didn't like Jay-Z from day one, and that was why she chose Jay, she knew it would make Nas mad

talks about a lot of industry cats, says she had an affair with Pete Rock, that's part of the reason Nas and Pete Rock don't see eye to eye

said Allen Iverson thing is jus a rumor, they were at a party together and people started talking

says her number 1 priority is her daughter and keeping her out of the public eye

says she wishes Nas and Kelis the best, but worries that Kelis is too bossy to Destiny

talks about how her uncle used to beat her and how when Nas found out he went with Horse and beat the **** out of the dude

said she didn't see Nas for a month when he was working on Illmatic

said Nas didn't get along very well with Olu Dara until recently, but Nas still got him a record deal and appeared on his album

said she and Nas **** while Kelis and Nas were dating, but not after they were engaged

said she cried when she heard Super Ugly because it mentioned Destiny

said Jay-Z is a coward

also Nas used to have weird episodes where he'd jet and no knew where he was, she said she found him in an appartment he secretly had in Long Island jus writing mad rhymes with pages everywhere...

she said that Steve Stout was a creep

she said that Nas was about to join Bad Boy in 93, but that Craig Mack was creating problems

she said she thought Belly was terrible

she also said Jay-Z's better at eatin ***** but Nas' better at ****in
yup Young Hov couldn't get get his jigga man up after Ether burned his soul...

also Carmen wasn't into Nas until he started gettin noteriety, like when Halftime and Zebrahead dropped, she was running with this big time drug dealer dude and he got locked up and she was facing charges and she went to Nas (he was known as being the smartest dude in the projects) he and helped her beat the charges

she also says that AZ made a pass at her when her and Nas were together and that Nas cheated on her with a chick from the group Allure and that's why she did Jay-Z

said she wants to be an actress or have her own talk show

said she hates Wendy Williams and Angie Martinez

says when she first met Nas he had dreds at the top of a fade and was calling himself Kid Wave

said he dropped out of high school because he was in love with a crack-wh0re who broke his heart

said he sold drugs but was never really big time, said Jungle and Wiz were more into it

said Jungle was never jealous of Nas's talent and looked up to him

said Nas would often get frustrated with Jungle

said the day Destiny was born Nas came to the hospital with the perfume of another woman on him

said when they took her home they had a huge fight and Nas stormed out, but he came back a week later because of Destiny

said Nas and Faith Newman had an affair

said that there's been over 20 songs written about her

she lists
-Nas - Black Girl Lost
-Jay-Z - Is That Your Chick
-Nas - K-i-ss-i-n-g
-Nas Undying Love
-that song Jay and Mya did
-Jay-Z - Girls, Girls, Girls (says she's the project chick)
-Nas - War
-Jay-Z - Takeover
-Nas - Ether
-Jay-Z - Super Ugly
-Pete Rock - Take You There
-Nas & Bravehearts - Situations
-Nas - Big Girl
-Nas - One Mic
-Nas - Your the Man
-Nas - Sincerity

-said that the reason Nas was unfocused during the Nastradamus recording was because that's when he found out about her and Jay
-said Oochie Wally was his attempt to make her jealous
-said line on "Come Get Me" where Nas is like "you make hot songs but she know she still for me" originally referenced her by name
-said she hadn't talked to Nas for a year, and then she heard Ether and Super Ugly and she called Nas and told him she loved him
-said her favorite rappers are Salt N Pepper, Roxanne Shante, Lauryn Hill, Slick Rick, Nas and Mase
-said that Nas smoked his first blunt when he was 11

she said that Jay used to call Nas' phone when and leave messages like "Yo son, what's up it's me, uh me and Premo are doin a track right now, and uh there's 16 bars open you wanna drop a verse..."

she said they were at a party once and Jay thought it would be funny if he started clownin Nas about his chip tooth and he was sayin stuff like "Yo Nas come over here and open this Henessey...nah I'm jus playin homie" but Nas didn't smile or nothin, he jus gave Jay a blank look...

she said that when she was with Jay he'd ask her weird questions about her and Nas, like what positions Nas liked to hit, and weird stuff... she said Jay-Z was obsessed with Nas

she said in Jay's Manhattan appartment Jay had a huge vinyl collection of rare Nas singles and @#%$...

she said his favorite albums were Ready to Die and Illmatic he'd play them all the time

when Nas found out about Carmen and Jay-Z, he keep trying to get Carmen to give him Jay's address but she wouldn't because she was afraid of what Nas might do. So Nas and whoever he had with him went to the next best place to find Jay, ROC-A- FELLA records. When they got there they called upstairs and Dame answered and said Jay wasn't there, so Nas told Dame to come down and he said he couldn't cause he was there with his son
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