Hip Hop facts and events most ya'll don't know about

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Jay electronica wrote for hov.. The whole industry knows this

Jay electronica is actually write for almost everybody in roc nation
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Kufi Smacker 
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LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee got fu*ked up by Snoop Dogg. It was 2 on 1.

Benzino got smacked with a gun by Freddie Foxxx.

Krs One made the bridge is over. He finished it in under and hour.

I gotta story to tell is about Biggie getting fu*ked up in a f*ght by John Starks. It was a good f*ght but John Starks hands were slower and were connecting on biggies forehead.

Paul C was murdered by Matt Barnes. Matt Barnes was 8 or 9 years old.

Showbiz was into child pr0n. He was a hardcore pedophiliac.

Big Pun got his d*ck chopped off by his mother because he tried to have s*x with her.

Eric B and Rakim ran train on Kool G rap's main bi*ch. Large Professor recorded it.

Biz Markie produced a Michael Jackson hit. Guess which one.

Ghostface k*lla and 50 Cent are extra cool and ran up on Game and DMX and trashed them so bad that Game could not drive his car; DMX had to be carried out by his girl. Game paid Ghostface k*lla $34 million to take him, which was 40 minutes away. Ghostface k*lla is the one Game fought too.

Johnny Juice had all of the drug flow and the worst connects.

Kool Keith and Godfather tried to jump Coldstare and got beat so bad by Coldstare.

Fat Joe did not sell drugs. He sold books and t shirts and he was legit ivy league.
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Kufi Smacker 
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Ever wonder why B.I.G and Tupac predicted their deaths. Well, B.I.G was a snitch and he used to snitch on people for selling apparel and footwear for the low. He was ashamed of himself and knew that he was going to commit attempted suicide.

Tupac used to snitch on people for fake id's. As we know, he always wears a bulletproof vest and he chose not to wear a bulletproof vest on that one day. He was bashful and skittish but did not want to die though. He wanted to undergo surgery to look like a transgender. He had enough money to get surgery but Grandpa Ill robbed him. His next option was to ask TheMan080 for the money but TheMan080 Asked what he needed the money for. He told TheMan080 that he needed the money for coins. TheMan080 said yes. (This money was not borrow money) Tupac then asks for less money. TheMan080 said no. Tupac then shipped him 35 cases of Grand Cru. Tupac told him that he needed the same amount as the first time. TheMan080 said yes. Tupac told him that he needed furniture too. TheMan080 said yes. Tupac told him that he needed 11 $2 dollar bills. TheMan080 said yes. Tupac told him to send the money first then the furniture and bills. TheMan080 said no. Tupac asked Coldstare for the money and he said no. Tupac commits attempted suicide.

Proof did the same sh*t. No bulletproof vest on that one day and yall prolly knew he was a snitch. I know Thrice and Richard Hennessey knew.
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Kufi Smacker 
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Nas did not get sonned by anyone. He sonned Ghostface k*lla and Ghostface k*lla punched him and Nas ate the punch and slammed Ghostface k*lla. They did not f*ght

Nas wrote rappers delight.

Teddy Riley used to pimp out Pharrel to older woman in Belize and Costa Maya. In Guyana he met a former slave and the former slave him taught him how to f*ght.

Benzino did tie up Mays but Benzino got juxed by Mays while he was tied up and Benzino booked him a flight to Canton, Ohio. Benzino still does not know that he got juxed.

Freddie Foxxx got chipped up by Benzino in a f*ght.

Boston n*ggas got ran up by some females and the Boston n*ggas ended up getting some good cocaine.

Nas juxed MF Grimm for his properties and $74.38 million dollars.

No one signed to Cash Money has ever did time in prison.

Jay Z beat Scarface in 1 on 1 basketball.

Mase left hip hop because Madonna stopped writing his music.
 2 years ago '15        #1910
SSJ4 Goku  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x8
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 Jerseyboy715 said
I posted the sample already, nothing to debate
Dude, i'm not about to do this. You want your props then by all means, but don't sit up here & tell me what he told me himself. Met him for a meet & greet for the first shock value album in NY and he told me himself he used her cooing laughter for samples. Really not trying to make a spectacle of this.
 5 years ago '16        #1909
Kufi Smacker 
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Tupac did not have s*x with madonna. Krs one had s*x with madonna. She hated it and had s*x with Big Daddy Kane. Hated it then had s*x with Afrika Bambaataa. Hated it and had s*x with Sho Stopa's father.
 5 years ago '16        #1908
Kufi Smacker 
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Kanye West did not produce hits for Bad Boy. Fred Biletnikoff produced hits for Bad Boy.

Lil Kim's on and off boyfriend is a transgender.
 16 years ago '05        #1907
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i heard rumors that 50 brought a groupie to his hotel. he banged her so hard the next day she had to get stitches for her v*gina.

don't know if it's true or not, but i heard it on hot 97
 5 years ago '16        #1906
Kufi Smacker 
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Biggie did a 9 month bid in North Carolina? Yeah... Biggie used to suck Aminal's father's d*ck. He used to fu*k Aminal's mom too. He got her pregnant, also. She kept the baby. Biggie fu*ked Aminal's father in the butt and used to make him suck it right after, right in front of Aminal's mom.
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 Saiyaman said
I sat and read this whole thing across the span of a few days. Fun read lol

But who has some info on modern people? That sh*t would be really entertaining

Young Thug is a homos*xual. You didn't hear that from me
 9 months ago '06        #1904
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 10-09-2006, 12:01 PM         #1903
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yall got to get off my n*gga k*lla cause he really dont got to act hard if he got people that is ,,thats like having a lil couzin from the suburbs but he got a hard a*s family in the hood.. Most n*ggas cant be like us real g,s but thats still my n*gga but other than that good thread*********************************
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SSJ4 Goku  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x8
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 Jerseyboy715 said
U saying all that ... but ur wrong lol end of story
Okay. Do you feel accomplished? It's a sub section. No one is looking for a crowning achievement. I met him, spoke with him for a good 5 minutes, and was told that by Tim himself.
 09-11-2006, 10:52 PM         #1901
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my favorite were the wu-tang facts, i think ill post them sometime.
 13 years ago '06        #1900
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 youngmic said
^speakin of wat u are sayin

i remember dre takin credit for daz's beat - got my mind made up for 2pacs all eyez on me album. when daz left over at dres house the track was bein bumped and dre said it was his.
Daz produced majority of that album but Dr. Dre got majority of the production points.
 16 years ago '04        #1899
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Artists who i heard were pu**y, most robbed more than twice
Shyheim from the wu...pretty sure this dudes been in trouble wit the law for a while heard the kid is crazy...

DMX dude used to rob old ladys for their purses cuz he didnt wanna sell drugs...maybe its true most of his crimes were done with other people...

50 dude sold crack outta his grandmommas house...that aint gangsta
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SSJ4 Goku  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x8
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Fat Joe forced Big Pun to do his tounge twist rap in the deep cover.

B -REAL & Cypress Hill are actually Cuban, not Mexican.

2Chaniz owns homes in Atlanta & had a basketball scholarship. He graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

E40 got his nick name from chugging 40 oz & attended college for a year.

Gucci Mane was born in Alabama, he eventually moved to Atlanta in his youth.

Prince actually helped Havoc produced a record, for mobb deep.

Fat Joe had the chance to sign Eminem 6x.

Eminem & Kanye's favorite rapper is Mase.

Eminem is on the Lean Back remix because he heard mase verse.

Dr.Dre thought em was black when he first heard him rap on a mixtape.

Ice-T got 26k for his role in New Jack City. He finally got a million in the early 2000's for a movie that never came out.

Capone N Noreaga did a photoshoot with vibe once & wasn't aware of prop guns. They brought their own and it ended up going during the shoot.

Michael Jackson's favorite rapper was Biggie & was trying to work with before he died. He got his wish with his final studio album Invincible, on the song Unbreakable.

Me & Mr.Jones was written about Nas by Amy Winehouse. She openly admitted to having a crush on him & even mentions his daughter name in the song. They even share the same birthday.
 5 years ago '16        #1897
Kufi Smacker 
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Cameron Diaz sold Snoop Dogg weed

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