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Joe Budden confirms DV incident

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 2 months ago '04        #56
Dash  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x9
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Joe been in the entertainment industry since he was 17 I believe

He also had a drug addiction

That's not to make up for the a$s whippin's but, who knows what he went thru as a kid

I didn't listen to bro like ya'll did when he came up
 2 months ago '22        #55
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 HoopLife88 said
Toxic relationships mane. I still hate the fact that i let a woman bring me to the point where I had to choke her
You HAD to choke her? You mean you couldnít walk away you had to be a little fu#king bi#ch and put your hands on a female

fu#king trash a$s little bi#ch
Top 10 most slapped recently  2 months ago '19        #54
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 bmf24eva said
Uhmm...yeah genius.

Pretty sure he dedicated 3 of his most well known songs to her and their turbulent relationship specifically.


Like...what are we even doing?

People tryna get someone cancelled over somethin they told us every detail (from their POV) about on 3 songs and 100's of vids/podcasts/radio interviews?

The "SHIFT" really is real..cuz you bizarro world n1ggas aint even empty headed...you just empty.
3 of his most well known songs?


Joe Buddenís music isnít that popular for women on social media to know about him beating women
 2 months ago '17        #53
bmf24eva  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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 Martin Celery said
I didnt know making songs was a legal defense to domestic violence. judges out here giving mixtape sentences instead of jail? please eloborate
No clue what you're talking about or alluding to.

Maybe you quoted the wrong post.

But all this sh1t been through the ringer...we heard everything about it over 10 years ago...from HIS and HER mouth.

The only thing new about it is ret@rded a$s Twitter Babies just discovered it.

And clearly you dont understand Statute of Limitations if u think some charges can be filed...so google it.
 2 months ago '15        #52
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 Broke said
Joe admitted to putting hands on Esther Baxter. His own words.

serious question...

The peeps that are so into domestic violence(involving black people), are yall all black???

it seems like yall wanna talk about every sin a black person ever did...years ago, sheesh.
 2 months ago '17        #51
bmf24eva  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
Props total: 32187 32 K  Slaps total: 8319 8 K
 Broke said
why are you mad?
Cuz young and dumb a$s idiots think they breaking new ground with info thats been readily available for years about stories and situations that have been exposed by the very people involved in em.

And I know the Diddy sh1t and prob something Joe said is what got the Social Media Babies looking for dirt.

But still..

Also I aint mad..just annoyed, and wasn't specifially just attacking you if thats how it came off.

Last edited by bmf24eva; 05-25-2024 at 12:26 PM..
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