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Apr 23 - 🚨#BREAKING: U.S. Senate has approved the bill that will ban TikTok in the U.S.📲

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 2 months ago '23        #151
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 Panasonic said 🔗
Idk, all they would have to do is remove it from the app stores. It won’t be able to get updates then and when the new mobile updates roll through, it won’t be compatible. I guess you could use a VPN, but I doubt anyone (especially kids) will jump through the hoops for that. If it is banned in Europe, it’s curtains. You could still VPN to China, but their TikTok is different, watered down and used by their school systems as a learning tool

I got friends in cybersecurity that have dissected it. Supposedly, the filters and features it has is designed to train their AI. It’s the perfect pool for infinite source material for the computer to learn from. They’re able to roll out the learning phases like clockwork targeting the specific part of The AI they are training via trending “effects”

All of this is basically an AI arms race against China. The US is ahead at the moment, but they can fall behind pretty quickly so they are trying to stall them. It makes sense for the US to ban TikTok since China does it to a lot of other foreign software like Messenger, WeChat, & Snapchat
It will be removed from the Google Play store & Apple store but it will be able to update from other sources. Y'all wonder why the dollar will decline it's because of sh!t like this . Countries are tired of our bullying tactics & propaganda/ lies .
 2 months ago '14        #150
Swade009  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x7
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 Swisha2k11 said 🔗

Moron…. Tiktok takes data from you and it’s a foreign country the US would rather have your data than Chuna… you can watch pro palestine sh1t on youtube stop being dumb.
 2 months ago '21        #149
2Pac Cares  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x7
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Good, fu#k TikTok and fu#k China
 2 months ago '17        #148
Bradydidit1109  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 Stuart Scott said 🔗
tiktok is trash... get it out of here
Literally a cyber security concern and mfers in here are crying about it

Edit: ↪🔗

Yall want Biden to be “tough” on enemies yet cry about TikTok on here lmao

Last edited by Bradydidit1109; 04-24-2024 at 06:34 AM..
 2 months ago '17        #147
SupremeBeing5  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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Yes please get risk of it
 2 months ago '23        #146
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I rather China have my info than these crooked as 3 letter agencies. I don’t even be in China, have no accounts there, no nothing
 2 months ago '15        #145
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 OfficialJihad said 🔗
How? Apple & Google would be forced to remove the app from its stores & it wouldn’t be compatible with your devices. Then, how would you update your app, etc? Don’t even say the website because the US can block that, too.
 2 months ago '23        #144
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 Mperfection said 🔗
Bruh a lot of you think youre way too smart and that gets played on. The "you can get deep on Tiktok" crowd, can you explain why a Chinese company would promote you getting deep on this app when they cant even use Google in China? The home of the Great Firewall is worried about protecting your right to free speech? Really? The mere fact that China would never allow a US company to promote an app where the average Chinese citizen could freely disagree with their government should be kept in mind when you make these arguments. Say what you will but this is an ideological fight that our societal type has had to fight since WWII and the interment of the Japanese.

The fact is that our liberties can easily be weaponized against us by countries who dont even grant said liberties to their people. I wont argue the morality of it, im just being pragmatic and laying it out.

The app is doing what its meant to do. Help promote subversion and decrease the thinking abilities of the general public in Western societies. As long as you make Westerners feel like they are cracking the matrix, these fools will defend anything.
Byte dance is not a Chinese company
 2 months ago '15        #143
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 2 months ago '23        #142
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 Almighty HA said 🔗
Both Biden admin & Trump admin wanted this out of here.

They giving it a year to be sold to an American company. The app ain't going nowhere. Somebody is gonna buy this in about a week and this will be another story nobody talks about soon.
They won't sell , they'll just move the headquarters to somewhere else
 2 months ago '17        #141
Bradydidit1109  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 OldBusiness said 🔗
Im not a fan of Tik Tok and never had an account, and I probably post on FB/IG/Twitter once or twice in the past couple years.


The reasoning isn't sound. China has extensive investments in all social media platforms, spending hundreds of millions of dollars on twitter alone while banning their people from it for the most part.

The Saudi's are literally the 2nd largest investor's in Twitter/X. Elon also has partnerships with Russia's military to provide them with satellite technology while also having a deal with Ukraines military to do the same

The FBI once identified an actual Chinese spy/agent working in Twitters executive offices at one point and the former Cybersecurity Chief for the corporation corroborated that and more:



Howcome it wasn't banned?

Chinese investors and ad buys also make up roughly 10% of Facebooks yearly revenue and it's banned in China.

Telling people we need to ban this sh1t for what "might" happen, while ignoring a similar platform is a little odd. Using the explanation given by the government as a means to defend the platform being banned is just disingenuous because frankly none of these social media platforms would exist if what they were saying was the case
If TikTok would separate their close ties with the CCP, folks would chill. The fact they haven’t is the red flag. I’m looking at it from a cybersecurity standpoint.

But yeah nah dog I don’t care about TikTok. Its just vine all over
 2 months ago '14        #140
Rusty Bull 
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 Yousabi#chtoo said 🔗
Zuckerberg will buy it ,, no monopoly charges for him though
I hope not. He would ruin it.
 2 months ago '20        #139
SmoothCheese  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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 4o 0z said 🔗
if joe biden thinks tiktok is such a threat to national security, why does he have a tiktok account and is actively using to help in his election campaign?

if joe biden is so worried about china exploiting america, why is he suppressing information about his son being investigated for unethical financial gains from china (and ukraine)?
Biden is a dim and dims are dumb
say something...

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