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It was only a matter of time, here comes Jayceon

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 2 months ago '22        #88
BreakkerSzn  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x111
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Kendrick donít want them problems
 2 months ago '07        #87
Props total: 5295 5 K  Slaps total: 271 271
Drake wins by default when they all have to clique up and diss him. All them industry n1ggas fake if you did it for money and now it's cool to jump out and diss him. You a lame if you jump in. Just stay out the way because all these n1ggas clout chasing. Damn Drake is really Thanos going against the avengers. If you never fu#ked with Drake, then don't get a verse. That industy sh1t is weird. Salute to Tyga for standing on business from the beginning. I fu#k with Drake, Dot, Game, Ross, Future, and all the rest, but teaming up is a bad look.
 2 months ago '18        #86
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 Sincere730 said 🔗
I'm here for it
Yassshh hunny yassshh!

I’m here for it !

I have arrived !

Inquiring minds would like to know !

Lipstick boxden hunny !

Love it when my favorite male super hero’s get oiled up and gossip rap about each other !

Gets my loins wet !

 2 months ago '06        #85
Props total: 1861 1 K  Slaps total: 660 660
I would love Game to Jump in, Drake doesn’t need the help but where all the n1ggaz that got hits from Drake. Wayne jump, Game jump in, meek jump in. Where y’all at. n1ggaz got OVO tats and Chains and these fools be posted up when it’s time to take pics. Jump in
 2 months ago '11        #84
Broseph Stalin  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x18
Props total: 79209 79 K  Slaps total: 7403 7 K
isn’t the game a literal grandfather at this stage in his life?

n1gga raise your family and pay your legal bills
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