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scapegoat jack perry becomes #1 merch seller after footage release

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 2 months ago '21        #3
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2 bad Tony does a sh1tty @ promoting his own show
Seriously I want AEW to thrive
But wtf was that ?
Airing footage from an event a year ago
which indirectly made the guy from the other company look like he was telling the truth all along was a dumb move imo
 2 months ago '06        #2
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#1 in japan?? how is this a flex?? aew is not in japan.
so once again, another promotion is capitalizing off of aew's drama instead of aew capitalizin off their own drama. 1st they fire punk in2 wwe fresh off aew drama and now drew mccintyre n wwe get 2 reap all the benefits w/punk bringin viewership 2 raw and bringin merch sales 2 wwe. and now u mean 2 tell me, a promotion in japan is makin bread off jack perry? ur just provin cm punk's point. aew is not a real business and not in it 2 make money.

in an ideal situation, tk shoulda bossed up, had both of them sit down, turn it in2 a work n make money from both stars and turn the negative in2 a positive. he handled all this s**t emotionally and made the worst possible decisions. he left so much money on the table with all the free publicity punk brought. he waited too little too late to try 2 bank off this punk s**t. now he looks desperate. this not a flex, bro.
 2 months ago '22        #1
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here for nsfw  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x22
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icon scapegoat jack perry becomes #1 merch seller after footage release


promoter khan knows how to promote.......old bitter podcasters wrong on another topic........
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