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ki1lah Priest - ANAK (WINGED PEOPLE 2)

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ki1lah Priest - ANAK (WINGED PEOPLE 2)


They sent the Spies
From the 12 tribes
They felt vibes
From men
Whose stature was high
No lie
Joshua & Caleb
Reported that they saw walls with alligators & Seders
The Screech owl
Men Renown
Each bow
I see down
Above this weed cloud
(I'm flying)
The lands pack
The Sons of Anak
Know where they camp at
A Black Man sat
Wearing a Ram's hat
Demanding tax
In the sands were traps
In his hand an axe
Metal Headband with cracks
Face was scratch
EL was their allies
Brothers that fell from High
The evil that dwells inside
The people that swell in size
12 Spies
They came to a Brook
Where they saw a great Bush
They saw grapes and took
(How amazing they look)
The place was called Eshcol
Look at the death toll
So grab the grapes and let's go
The Jebusites
Placed heads on spikes
If they see Israelites
Then they're dead on site
So they fled in the night
Reported back to Aaron & Moses
About the people before Adam and their culture
Was the oldest
They said they heard of they grandfather Arba
Wore giant Armor
Defying honor
Triumph & Conquer
Rapha Genesis 6
Printed on bricks
Enuma Elish
The tombs of their prince
Left ruins huge in the cliffs
Yapheth Ham Shem Anakim
Sons if God
Daughters of Men
They slaughter for skin
Read about them Job chapter 1 verse 6
More verses
Job chapter 38 verse 7
There's many more Sons that lurk the heavens
Look the Book of Daniel chapter 3 verse 25
Wings with plenty eyes
The DemiGods
Kings built their cities high
Been high
Some Say he spawned from the devil genes
That's one way
But what of the Holocene?
But as the day of Noah were
So shall the Son of Man Supernova occur
We going to Ur
Ishtar & Fish Gods
Slow death
Cut the throat next
The Lambs Blood
The Bulls horn that wears the goat flesh
The Giants
The Tyrants
See the carving
Of Gilgamesh
That whole Lion
700,000 male clad Horsemen & chariots of fire
700,000 Torchbearers & Cross Wearers
They saw Seraphs
So Shepherds are protected by Cherubs
800,000 Angels wore daggers of fire
1 million Slingers & Shield Bearers in front of Messiahs
400,000 Bears of Lamps
500,000 through the fiery acts
At the Nephilim camp
The Sons of Anak
The impact
Took man back
The book of Numbers
Ancient Kush and others
The South of Hebron
Winged People before Eden
King of Edom
Sits with his Queen and she's Blond
Sons of Anak
Near Iraq
Cross the Map
They're Back
But of course where at.... Another story

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