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T.I. Compares Current Generation Of Hip Hop To Random Amateurs Being Invited To Join NBA

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 3 months ago '19        #145
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 Carl said 🔗
TI is a legend knows that hip hop is dead
TI always been a$s cheeks. He’s one of the major reasons that new corporate pop rap artists today are trash. He and Puff Daddy started the downward spiral.

He doesn’t have much room to talk. His music was all irrelevant cookie cutter hot garbage.
 3 months ago '05        #144
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Just like wen i sat thru a horrible comedy set for 40 mins when they bring out TI to tell jokes when i paid to see bruce bruce … this guy is the biggest hypocrite to me
 3 months ago '05        #143
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Didn’t listen to the interview but TI fell off too

He ain’t dropped anything almost dope in a long time

From rap to reality tv to comedy ain’t nothing moving
 3 months ago '17        #142
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 Petieparker said 🔗
Yeah Kendrick and Cole didn’t let Drake dominate the game.

While I believe the general consensus among music critics, true Hiphop fans and legends themselves would choose Kendrick and Cole over Drake the reality is Drake’s music appeals to a wider audience.

We live in the dumb down era, Gen Z is mostly dictating what’s hot and what’s not and they don’t value lyricism like that anymore.

Drake isn’t making monumental music, he’s making music that caters to the social media demographic. He’s hopping on records with younger artist and mimicking their style and flow to stay relevant. He’s essentially using the Jay-Z method when Jay was at his peak. He’s just doing it in a dumb down way.

I had a younger guy straight up tell me, he and most of his friends and people don’t wanna hear substance. They don’t care about that. They wanna hear a vibe. Artist like Kendrick and Cole have too much artistic integrity to reduce their music to just a vibe( even though I think Cole tries to do that more than Kendrick).

Now 10 years from now we might look back and appreciate Kendrick and Cole more because they made more records with actual substance but for the moment Drake appeals more to them “kids”.
Drake is just a modern day LL Cool J. If you say “Comeback Season” “So Far Gone” “Take Care” “NWTS” and “IFYRT” wasn’t monumental music then you’re a hater….

Cole n Kendrick got songs with em…dude raps and also did boom bap with Big Pooh, DJ Premier, Jay-Z…lmao what do n1ggas want him to be.

Some sh1t is undeniable. Dude is LeBron rn. Old and hanging on but the body of work is up there with the greats. He’s top 10 DOA

Honorable mention: RAKIM

Could be debated obv but he’s up there.
 3 months ago '05        #141
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 Exodus 313 said 🔗
Shut yo dumba$s up name a rapper who was on top for 20 years? The only athlete to be good for 20 years is lebron and Tom Brady that’s 2 people in the history of the sport

That rap sh1t don’t wrk no more, it’s just a way thru the door

The real gon survive, you ain’t gotta be running rap but you have to evolve in 2024

Beyonce still outside, Nas, Jay, 50, Cam and a few others still swimming

If you cant swim in these new waters you bound to drown
 3 months ago '19        #140
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 lovetalkgames said 🔗
Have you seen the talent level of these new artists? They fcking suck.

Every era had terrible rappers

ODB was trash and yall call him a legend
 3 months ago '17        #139
ThatNigg22  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 LoveEveryone said 🔗
$TFU like 100 different real HipHop artists from Canibus and Ti o Lil flip, Max B, Esham and MC Juice will drop but y'all won't support them yet HipHop is dead. HipHop wouldn't be dead if y'all supported your favorite rappers
Doesn't matter if we support them

Hip hop is youth based. If kids don't rock with it it's nothing
 3 months ago '05        #138
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 Exodus 313 said 🔗
He had his run yall expect rappers to be popping and making hits for 20-30 years straight ? Be real every artist has there moment
The greats do it in sports and music, it’s levels
Top 10 most propped recently  3 months ago '17        #137
PackerTrelli3  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x32
Props total: 182930 182 K  Slaps total: 55795 55 K
If we are calling a spade a spade, white rappers take the art of rap more seriously than black rappers.

And what’s crazy is that if u post a dope white rapper, like let’s say millyz…. n1ggas will say it’s trash, weak, no ski1l, corny etc but will call future a GOAT. And it’s even worse if you say a rapper like millyz is better than future.

It’s especially night and day when u compare white female rappers to black ones.

We gotta start takin rap more seriously in terms of ski1ls. Not every song has to be for the club, the whip, the party etc or be judged AGAINST that. just show you KNOW how to rap

It’s just an easy way to make money now. Notice we don’t have any instrumentalists. Everybody’s running to RAP. Everybody wanna RAP
 3 months ago '17        #136
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 Aquas said 🔗
If youre white/a suburbanite, then yea.
So I guess this ain’t hip hop?

Dude was respected by one of our greatest emcees Kendrick.

If you don’t know music just say that, cause when it comes to this is literally run circles round 90% of this site, 80s-20s.



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