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Mar 1 - Welp Boy, 13, shot to death in Crown Heights while heading home from Nets game

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 3 months ago '13        #109
3nl1ght3ned  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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What's jay z doing about all the gun violence in his city? He runs this town right? fu#k some casinos can he even walk through Marcy with no security?

EDIT: Here yall go

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 3 months ago '23        #108
El Torero 
Props total: 13691 13 K  Slaps total: 4709 4 K
The cultcha at it again
 3 months ago '04        #107
SeanP  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
Props total: 18574 18 K  Slaps total: 2603 2 K
When g@y guys do a drive-by is that called a fruit roll up?
 3 months ago '17        #106
PackerTrelli3  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x31
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Add commas

I thought the dude name was “welp boy”
 3 months ago '16        #105
russisblack  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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 BigChiefLA said 🔗
I been hearing this has to stop for over 35 years. Stupid a$s n1ggaz

Just like black folks and their affection for white

man God mufu#kas been waiting on him since

slavery & mufu#ka still ainít show to help

Moral of the story if u donít put urself to work

and make the progress necessary aint no one

gone come save u. U want guns off the street

or a safer community put in the real work. Rather

than a simple TV interview then back to ur life.
 3 months ago '04        #104
erickonasis  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x7
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 JAi Cenat said 🔗
Ecuador has the blueprint

Move there then
 3 months ago '05        #103
Props total: 4506 4 K  Slaps total: 1977 1 K
fu#k the police they need to be stopped smh
 3 months ago '17        #102
Props total: 35154 35 K  Slaps total: 6291 6 K
 JAi Cenat said 🔗
Ecuador has the blueprint

Until your innocent a$s gets rounded up mistakenly.
 3 months ago '19        #101
drnarcisse  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
Props total: 14988 14 K  Slaps total: 1795 1 K
 BrooklynDamien said 🔗
Since I moved back to bk from uptown I haven't heard not one gun shot. It's waaaaaaaay more police down here than uptown. The streets are empty at night to where it's hella spooky. This is where I'm at. I wonder what happened. R.i.p. to all the people ki1led.
how the tr@nsition from harlem to bk? besides what youíve outlined
 3 months ago '04        #100
Props total: 15605 15 K  Slaps total: 1301 1 K
 B86 said 🔗
What about them? Did I not speak specifically about gang gang a$s n1ggas?
Maybe you should read up about things before co signing them. You may not know what your co-signing
 3 months ago '23        #99
Props total: 1763 1 K  Slaps total: 268 268
Pop smoke mentality
 3 months ago '16        #98
Props total: 29501 29 K  Slaps total: 6807 6 K
 CJ Schwarz said 🔗
America use to and still do this but would only target Blacks and Mexicans
You can't "target" a gang member if they're not in a gang...
Top 10 most propped recently  3 months ago '17        #97
CJ Schwarz  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x197
Props total: 292562 292 K  Slaps total: 21951 21 K
 TheAntiSimp said 🔗
Why do you always have to
Crow bar Hispanics with black people?

For one Hispanics had the choice to come here
To America
Black people were either forced here or
Are indigenous had there heritage erased

The eyes of white supremacy are on
Dark skin Jermaine
Not a Hispanic that can blend in with whites
They hate Mexicans too not as much as Blacks but they don't like them. Also, Texas Arizona New Mexico and California is technically Mexico
Top 10 most slapped recently  3 months ago '22        #96
BreakkerSzn  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x110
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 3 months ago '16        #95
Proveone  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x5
Props total: 148794 148 K  Slaps total: 10175 10 K
 WIG said 🔗
Where are all those clowns that told me Black kids weren't being ki1led in Black neighborhoods for no reason?
While it's still happening it's happening way less than it happened in the 80's and 90's
 3 months ago '11        #94
Props total: 43805 43 K  Slaps total: 16186 16 K

 3 months ago '23        #93
Props total: 2967 2 K  Slaps total: 1331 1 K
 JAi Cenat said 🔗
Ecuador has the blueprint

You'll never convince black people to crack down on criminals like that. Somehow, they wanna believe that letting the criminals do what they want without punishment will solve the problem.
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