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Jada Pinkett Smith Spins the Block Again

most slapped comments
 3 months ago '15        #72
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Her daughter pretty. Hopefully she’s of age.
 3 months ago '18        #71
Passport  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 shooter said 🔗
She hates her family and has admitted to using black magic on them all. Why wish your toxic relationship on your seeds?

Broke her husband
fu#ked her sons best friend
Now wishing misery on her daughter
Where are yall getting this sons best friend sh1t? Lmao n1ggas just followers and repeat what everyone says

Her son and August barely had pics together i still dont get where n1ggas get this friends or best friends sh1t to this day

She didnt break her husband yall n1ggas watch too much red pill videos. The algorithim brainwashed yall

And she didnt wish misery on her daughter
 3 months ago '18        #70
Passport  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
Props total: 11538 11 K  Slaps total: 2652 2 K
I dont know why stupid n1ggas cant get it in their head already
...its like n1ggas dont read

Still repeating all this poor Will, Jada broke him bullsh1t. n1gga is an actor. He is g@y.

Her son and August were not friends or best friends the n1gga hung out more with Jada than her son

Her son and August met at a concert as musicians

And to be honest this entire sh1t didnt start cause of Jada it started cause August ran his mouth like a bi#ch and start this whole chian of events. If he never went on Angela Yee and opened his mouth, Chris Rock slap never happens and Oscar ban never happens.

But if Jada and Will got a business deal and he is g@y, she should have chose an older dude less likely to run his mouth and fu#k the brand up.

Will is not broken he pretends to be heartbroken to keep up his heteros3xual family man image. I would not be surprised if that infamous meme of him "crying" if he put dark makeup under his eyes before they start filming

But you n1ggas still keep letting these dumba$s red pill creators convince you that a n1gga who is g@y got "broken" by his wife. The n1gga is g@y how does that even make sense?

Its 2024 stop being gullible already and wake the fu#k up
 3 months ago '04        #69
Props total: 16679 16 K  Slaps total: 15985 15 K
ftb..willow is 23 now..where the t1tty pics at
 3 months ago '05        #68
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 Prad Bitt said 🔗
Americans brainwashed, abolitionists went to war about enslaved melanated people and you still care if different pigments love one another
lol you clearly aren’t that smart, you had a lot of built up tension which is why you think my comment had anything to do with hating on who a person dates… I hate to say this, but y’all slick always walk into it… what country did you flee from?
 3 months ago '05        #67
POSITIVITY  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x69
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Bc hates females
 3 months ago '23        #66
484675  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x208
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Top 10 BXSC sportsbetter
 Penrythejanitor said 🔗
Youse lot are WAY too invested in these Hollyweirdos and their bullsh1t soap opera

You must have empty lives or heads to raise any interest whatsoever
why are you here again?
 3 months ago '17        #65
Props total: 12637 12 K  Slaps total: 1158 1 K
 484675 said 🔗
why are you here again?
1) how is this hip hop?
2) how have you made THAT many posts in one year? Posting on BX don't preclude having an offline existence, maybe something to ponder on in your 24 hour online marathon in Mom's basement

Go outside and touch gra$s buddy
 3 months ago '18        #64
Passport  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
Props total: 11538 11 K  Slaps total: 2652 2 K
 shooter said 🔗
They're both g@y. Jada is a alcoholic s3x addict. The world was fine not knowing all that sh1t and just letting Will be the guy who kicks a$s and fights aliens.

This goofy broken woman was fu#kin all of Hollywood and we didn't need to know. She had to smash her sons unstable buddy. She had to tell us about pac 200 times. She had to tell us how terrible her marriage is. She had to center herself while destroying the PR facade they chose to create, destroying Will Smiths image and hers as well.

Lesson for the kids is... choose wrong and win a life of pain. Will wifed up a alcoholic narcissistic s3x addict and maybe he's some of those things too.
This is my thing about what you just said..

Jada been talking about Pac since the 90s that was her best friend. My issue is NONE of yall complained until the August sh1t happened. Jada actually originally got respect from n1ggas cause they was like Oh sh1t Jada was cool with Makaveli went to school with him they was best friends

None of yall cared all these decades until August...

The only time I recall somewhat of people making an issue before August was when All Eyez on Me came out and she had something to criticize about it. She called the movie out for making up a fake scene of Pac reading her a poem. Which is respectable that she called it out...

But outside of that none of yall complained about her and Pac. But its revisionist history now because of the drama with her marriage

Even with the alcoholic s3x addict sh1t you mention again Jada admit all that way back in the day in old interrviews...Again..yall knew about it and said oh wow at least Pacs homegirl is upfront about her dirt and her past and dont act fake about it

Now its an issue cause she got marriage problems lmao

Will was on her Red Table Talk show years ago and was laughing and giving a story about how he and Jada was arguing and he hit her with a newspaper


I know that aint a big deal but my point is Will also revealed personal sh1t about their marriage. I dont know why yall act like its one sided

When his book came out he also gave a story of how when he first met Jada's grandmother he showed her a s3x scene of her from Jasons Lyric to her grandma...is this normal behavior?


 3 months ago '19        #63
ZigZag  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x35
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Willow can get thee Divine I C King

 3 months ago '22        #62
Props total: 18688 18 K  Slaps total: 1339 1 K
 EuroTypeSpanish said 🔗

They could be sisters
Bro, I was saying the same thing about Glorilla too.

All four of them could be related.

 3 months ago '22        #61
Qwietazkept  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
Props total: 15762 15 K  Slaps total: 1575 1 K
Jada would have to eat my c0ck and balls indefinitely if I was to forgive her for the bs she's been pulling.
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