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How to grow a TON of Ginger from store-bought Ginger Root!

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icon How to grow a TON of Ginger from store-bought Ginger Root!


You probably didnt know it but that ginger root you buy at the grocery store isnt a root at all! Its actually a rhizome! What if I told you that you could have fresh, nutritious, and completely ORGANIC ginger whenever you wanted it? Dont believe me? Well, YOU CAN!

In this video, Ill show you how to grow ginger in containers and in the ground and get a huge harvest, all from store-bought ginger root. Its really easy to grow at home both indoors and out. Here I give you my best tips on how to grow a TON of fresh ginger at home, no matter where you live, and be able to harvest it all at once from containers or from in the ground, or just a piece at a time as you need it.
Ill even tell you all the ways you can use every part of the plant. The best part of it all is you can hide that ginger plant in your home landscape and no one will ever be the wiser. Plus, you can use it any time you need it!

Time-stamps are listed below to make it even easier to reference the information later!
00:00 Short Introduction
00:36 GINGER ROOT what is it, whats it good for, and can I grow it at home, in containers, indoors or out?
02:49 PICK YOUR PIECE - How to find the perfect piece of store-bought ginger root from the grocery store
04:18 LET IT SIT! - Allowing your ginger root to produce early growth for planting success
05:08 CHOP IT prepping your ginger root for planting in containers or in the ground
06:16 PLANT IT How to plant your ginger root in containers or in the ground
07:40 PROTECT IT & SPROUT IT How to protect it in colder climates when planting as well as my best tip to increase humidity and success
09:19 FEED IT & GROW IT How to fertilize your ginger root throughout the growing season.
10:49 HARVEST IT The easiest 2 ways to harvest your fresh ginger root and the tools and techniques you'll need
13:45 HOW WE DID IT - Recap and condensed description of how we grow ginger root from the purchase of the ginger, to what we can do with our fresh ginger harvest
16:03 THANK YOU - Live your best well-balanced life and thank you!
17:12 OUT-TAKES & Funnies: all the stuff that was just too good to leave out. Enjoy my mess-ups!
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