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James Gunn Reveals New Title Of Superman Film

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 3 months ago '22        #45
Old Head 1 of 1 
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Dudes in here bringing up that old a$s Superman movie when 90% of you weren’t even alive when it came out. The movie is unwatchable in 2024.
 3 months ago '04        #44
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i don't think its possible to make a good modern superman movie now ...

superman 78 and its sequel was the best superman movie coz it fit the early 80's time period ...

christopher reeves did a master cla$s playing superman and clark as two different people

superman 78 and it's sequel was more about clark trying to be human even giving up his powers and almost dying in the process

it was really a clark kent movie than a superman movie ...

the character of superman is too overpowered ...i think it only works in a modern time if you go really dark with it ...close to some injustice type sh1t ...but "the Boys" and "invincible" on amazon probably stole its thunder

hopefully the new movie starts with superman already established ...no one wants to see the origin retold for the millionth time

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 3 months ago '18        #43
Pastor Ra  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x58 OP
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I don't like the pick.. some skrawny a$s normal looking white boy @🔗
They start filming in less than 2 weeks.

This is him training in November. Already got the steroids

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