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Crazy Dak stat

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Top 10 most slapped recently  3 months ago '14        #36
215Philly  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x33
Props total: 153406 153 K  Slaps total: 57953 57 K
Cowboys and Niners the best front runners in the league, they do amazing beating up on weak teams.
 3 months ago '11        #35
The Bearded One  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
Props total: 41987 41 K  Slaps total: 3959 3 K
 Dak Prescott said 🔗
Please make an actual argument for Hurts. Please do not just say he was in the superbowl blah blah nah an ACTUAL arguement for him.

Hes not above dak
69% comp, 22 total Tds, 2650+ total yards, 8-1 team record. The Team record benefits Hurts even though Dak has similar stats, we all know this. Couple that with the 2 biggest games of this year for the cowboys ended up in loses. 1 huge blowout to the 49ers and another to the Eagles where Dak couldnt stay inbounds for a 2pt conversation and couldnt lead them to a TD at the end of the drive even with the eagles trying to lose the game. If you think those things dont matter then I cant help you
 3 months ago '19        #34
Dak Prescott 
Props total: 4632 4 K  Slaps total: 3264 3 K
The niners and Eagles have amazing roster builders. dont be fooled into thinking their success is because of their quarterbacks

This thread is about dak.
 3 months ago '14        #33
Kyu  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x49
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 soso24 said 🔗

Y'all really ran wit a bullsh1t a$s narrative off a fluke a$s season where half them bi#ches weren't even on him...

I ain't forgot

Cowboys are frauds, you are a fan of the team, even you know this
 3 months ago '18        #32
Wiggy wexler  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x42
Props total: 99414 99 K  Slaps total: 22468 22 K
Are these cowboys fans short term memory holders?

Don't they get tired of bieng let down.?


U know the drill already big dog why u flexing this wak n1gga stats against bum teams?

He aint even the best qb in texas

Another embarrassing loss to either the niners or eagles. Hell the lions beating them would be gold

 3 months ago '07        #31
Bkjj11  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x221
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playing like a top 5 qb.

QBs gonna have to turn up big time time rest of the season to get the mvp award from Tyreek or Myles Garrett imo
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