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Imagine you have 5k to your name and you spend 1k of it to go to a lakers game

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 3 months ago '07        #32
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If you only have $5k to your name and spend $1k on seats, then that's your fault that you have your priorities all fu#ked up.
 3 months ago '21        #31
WindyCitySavage  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Man what the hell are you talking about? So you should just be able to go around and foul n1ggas on every play?

Draymond, that's you?
 3 months ago '16        #30
BMC1000  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x39
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 Shotty said 🔗
To see your favorite player Lebron James. Someone you have looked up to your whole life. This is the one time he is in your city for this season. You saved up all year to get these front row seats. 2 mins into the game he gets in foul trouble and has to sit the whole 1st quarter. He picks up a quick foul in the 2nd qtr now he has to sit the half. He gets another foul in the 3rd quarter and has to be taking out again since the lakers are up 10 anyway. So to be safe coach takes him out the 3rd. In the 4th quarter he is conservative the rest of the game.

This scenario could actually happen in real life….,just think how fking dumb it is that fans don’t get to see a player because of foul trouble….why is this stupid sh1t even still a thing… it’s a fking game….what benefit is it of superstar players being out of the game…. Players would play more and harder if they couldn’t foul out….the fts are enough of a punishment. Wtf are super…..star…..players…..being removed from games where people are paying money…..what in the actual fk. Imagine mahomes being removed from a game for a quarter because he got a delay of game once or twice….imagine if that was randomly made a rule that if you get a delay of game u are removed for a qtr

Thanks for listening

yea and he could go 0-13

he could get hurt 2 mins in

he could get 2 techs

he could get 40 and hit a game winner

thats sports baby

dont nobody gaf if u bought tickets u couldnt afford go cry to yo mamma

 3 months ago '05        #29
Props total: 20538 20 K  Slaps total: 2088 2 K
You either don't really like ball like that and just like your favorite players or you never played ball.

This is part of the game, any real fan accepts it. Part of the fun of watching games is seeing how a team plays when things like that happen.

People who don't even like hoops always trying to "fix" something that aint broken.

Last edited by micseles; 11-20-2023 at 12:56 PM..
 3 months ago '11        #28
Sinamatik CFR  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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This is why I'm a fan of teams and not individual men, to the extent id be disappointed...

n1ggas be upset their man crushes dont be playing
 3 months ago '23        #27
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 Shotty said 🔗
I thought of a scenario up jackass, to show how much a fan could get fkd over…..

Y’all want to debate/say u better than someone else so bad u are ignoring the whole point of the thread….

“Well if I had 5k I would be at a 2nd job not watching a damn game”

“Who goes to games anyway when it’s free at home”

“Only weird people go to games”

“I would never be a fan of another n1gga”

“I’m too smart to ever be down to 5k”

Just read the real point of the thread and stop trying to compare your life to a fictional scenario dumbs dumbs

You n1ggas so unbearable sometimes…yall debate on social media so damn much u can’t even act normal for a second
But I didn't ignore the point..u in ur feelings over a made up scenario instead of reading my post..it wouldn't work..the game would slow down horribly..the game would literally be "foul the worst free-throw shooter"..and that's what you want to spend ur money on? That's ur request to fix the game?
 3 months ago '05        #26
Props total: 20538 20 K  Slaps total: 2088 2 K
 BMC1000 said 🔗
yea and he could go 0-13

he could get hurt 2 mins in

he could get 2 techs

he could get 40 and hit a game winner

thats sports baby

dont nobody gaf if u bought tickets u couldnt afford go cry to yo mamma



any number of things could happen that would take him out of the game that aren't injury and ALL of them are within the RULES OF THE GAME. I watched Paul George get one of the worst triple doubles of all time live in Indy once and had a blast at the game because everybody else was ballin on both sides. That's just hoops.

You want them to remove EVERYTHING that could take Bron of the court or lead him to having a bad game?!? Why don't we make the hoops 30ft wide in diameter and make the basketball the size of a peanut so he'll never miss while we're at it lol
 3 months ago '17        #25
Lite  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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Playing harder = more fouls
then you complain about the game being 4 hours long

Last edited by Lite; 11-20-2023 at 12:08 PM..
 3 months ago '15        #24
Black Larry 
Props total: 27987 27 K  Slaps total: 2307 2 K
1k for Courtside laker tickets sounds like a deal. Cheapest tickets to be behind the Courtside they want 3500. Real Courtside they nearly 20k. Sitting Courtside at the knick game vs Lakers is stunt.

As far as your foul scenario. I'm not changing the game. I missed my opportunity to see Bron at the old nets arena. I thought he was gonna sit with load management it being at the end of the season. Wade n bosh and lebron had 40. I gotta live with that L for rest of my life being cheap. Yolo my guy Bron may have a couple years left maybe not. In your made up scenario I would go.
 3 months ago '08        #23
Props total: 60816 60 K  Slaps total: 8248 8 K
This is ret@rded
 3 months ago '17        #22
Shotty  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4 OP
Props total: 19163 19 K  Slaps total: 6958 6 K
 215Philly said 🔗
There's always 2 sides of a coin op. What would stop a team from sending Ben Simmons to the line all game?

Do these same fans that you speak of want to spend 1k on a game to watch a free throw fest?

You NEVER want to INCENTIVE fouling players. Thats why we have added things like tr@nsition fouls. Its not ENTERTAINING to watch fouls and freethrows.
Idk they would have to figure out how to not let that happen. The nba is smart enough to figure it out. 1st post where someone actually responded to the actual point of the post….thank u
 3 months ago '06        #21
Creasy  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
Props total: 25323 25 K  Slaps total: 1672 1 K
This whole post is sad. Bro lacks all critical thinking ski1ls.
 3 months ago '06        #20
Props total: 15128 15 K  Slaps total: 2301 2 K
You got too many props to be making stupid threads like this
 3 months ago '17        #19
sh1t  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
Props total: 3189 3 K  Slaps total: 1088 1 K
You can always rob a Nike store or footlocker for money. No one will stop you cause we live in California and you won't even get a misdemeanor
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