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Dame Dash, Irv is my brother but his fake gangster-ism took him down

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 5 months ago '22        #79
TheAntiSimp  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x14
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 5 months ago '15        #78
Tobinmont  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x10
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 bigmike123456 said 🔗
Didnt they spllit reasonable doubt 3 ways and dame gave jay a chance to buy his part before he sold it dont really see a issue with that. Also dame mentions that it makes him ask if its him and gives his reasons why he believes its not. If your somewhere checking on your friends mental and if biggs isnt willing i can understand not wanting to push the issue at that time
I hear that hot sh1t.

Jay asked for Reasonable Doubt when they split. Jay tried to buy it. Dame wouldnít sell if for the millions son was offering. He wanted an 8 figure check I guess.

Why bring up son not sitting next to you way prior to seeing him again if you didnít ask to talk about it to his face when you saw him?
 5 months ago '17        #77
The Almighty240 
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 jaytxxl said 🔗
It wouldnít have been as bad if they didnít associate themselves with Preme. But the name along with Preme reputation fasho put them on the radar when sh1t got real. And I ainít even talking about just 50, Iím talkin the n1gga even being involved with selling dope still and stolen cars which led to his beef with E Money. And the beef with Troy sh1t that led to Troy smacking up and robbing Irv and BJ at that club while he was looking for Preme. Preme having to retaliate for all they drama with 50, E and Troy was the nail in they coffin.
I dont think it matters even if they was in business with Pee-Wee Herman that was a horrible name for a brand, its only so far you can go with a company called Murder Inc. Having a legit name for your business should be common sense for a business man, same thing for CMG. Thats why Gotti doesnt even use the original name anymore, why Lil Baby changed the name of his label.
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