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Top 10 most slapped recently  5 months ago '16        #112
Ravishing  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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 5 months ago '04        #111
x Tha Arkitek x  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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Never cared for Ye's "brand", always liked Adidas and still buying them now.
 5 months ago '13        #110
THEDONN  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x15
Props total: 196118 196 K  Slaps total: 80218 80 K
 fallinginpie said 🔗
So a certain part of the media didn't tell you to like them? Curious how you came to liking on your own senses
Seek help
 5 months ago '20        #109
Tweezy12  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x19
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We fu#k with yeezys
 5 months ago '21        #108
Jonny2soxs  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x13
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 seatownslayer said 🔗
No you both dont get it and just making sh1t up.. his worth is Ļ/⁴th the networth he was before he got cancelled.. he didn't make a power move like you claim... he fell off.. and continues to fall off further

He hasn't made a dollar of sh0es since he got dropped

From billion dollar power house with pull to a millionaire no one will work with.
Low level thinker
 5 months ago '23        #107
Kingmotion  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x28 OP
Props total: 5733 5 K  Slaps total: 5923 5 K
Wait what?
 5 months ago '04        #106
Dash  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
Props total: 124658 124 K  Slaps total: 8705 8 K
 Kingmotion said 🔗
White boy Ö we know ye wanted to get cancelled to get off the contract. He didnít want to be the slave for the corporation while not getting proper percentages and a seat on the board.


This man gets it
 5 months ago '21        #105
BigChiefLA  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
Props total: 19265 19 K  Slaps total: 4368 4 K
 aaf192020 said 🔗
Ye basically begged to be cancelled and you idiots have been trying to rationalize his antics. There's nothing to rationalize fam. Dude is a nut. Y'all pretend like he didn't run for president with a maga hat on crying for no reason. Y'all act like he didn't willingly marry a fake b00ty Armenian. Y'all are as fake as the people around him leeching off his success.
Not even a Kanye fan never was into his music or fashion but heís not crazy. As a black man he just donít give a fu#k and a lot of folks donít like it. I love it! He envokes emotion every time he does anything.
 5 months ago '20        #104
gogosunday  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
Props total: 46356 46 K  Slaps total: 3588 3 K
 Neothe1 said 🔗
Bruh if you believe the pete davidson story your easily fooled there was a effort to make him look crazy so you wouldn't take him serious its the oldest trick in the book and you fell for it kanye showed you messages of the doctor saying if you dont talk to me back to lala land forever and you wont see your kids its crazy how yall ignore that it proof they are fu#king with him mentally but yall call him crazy because of a cheating video either your a troll or super naive
the fact that ye is a billionaire and that doctor is still freely walking the earth breathing air is a testament to kanyeís mental toughness. a lot of men might have been tricked off the streets by those texts.
 5 months ago '04        #103
Props total: 128342 128 K  Slaps total: 8994 8 K
F**( Them They DED
 5 months ago '21        #102
Tlatoani  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
Props total: 66249 66 K  Slaps total: 18921 18 K
 BigChiefLA said 🔗
Episodes if you want that. Depression fasho. This world is perfect for Ye. In the words of my incarcerated brotha Casanova ď donít let that go over ya head ď
Yes, he's very happy not having custody of his children.

 5 months ago '05        #101
JimDinO77  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
Props total: 60728 60 K  Slaps total: 9005 9 K
 The corrector said 🔗
Adidas CEO literally said they made the right decision by severing ties with him. Y'all just be reacting to thread titles without checking anything yourselves.
Yea, these slow n1ggas lack comprehension.

OP, they basically said thatís the risk of dealing with a 3rd party/celebrity. Creatively, Kayne is a genius designer and marketer, but his success comes with antics. There isnít any justification for anti-semitism.
 5 months ago '11        #100
kevin boogz  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x8
Props total: 48690 48 K  Slaps total: 2696 2 K
 606robin said 🔗
Pretty much. Folks got mad at Kanye, for speaking on a j3wish man robbing him. It then became a troll, to an extension of showing how “emotionally charged” people can get. Like folks got mad about him speaking on “j3ws” yet still rock Adidas and Puma founded by documented n@zis, Coco Chanel was basically the Lauren Borbart or whatever her name is to the SS, sucking them up at parties and getting trains run on her as a spy for the SS. Like bruh, it just shows how people can be swayed vs waiting less than a day for all facts to come out.
if you are speaking about black people, we got mad for the other stuff he was saying and the people he was surrounded with. he was on his own then.

as far as adidas goes, of course the did not wanted to lose kanye. but he was not making it easy for them. this whole thing does not make any sense. the things he wants to do needs capital and he just messed that up for nothing.

Last edited by kevin boogz; 09-21-2023 at 05:25 AM..
 5 months ago '23        #99
Props total: 3776 3 K  Slaps total: 2554 2 K
 sorrrtep said 🔗
I noticed people who give all the power to media/government are low income individuals who need to blame something for them being lower class

just my observation though
False and its based in truth the govt ignores the poor
 5 months ago '04        #98
Props total: 17041 17 K  Slaps total: 4402 4 K
 hendrix2013 said 🔗
Bullsh1t thats not what was said.

Kanye lost and his racist 1ncels are in shambles

Keep following his ignorant bipolar a$s cuz yall think hes your messiah

Keep fu#king around w that anti semitic sh1t and find out someday just like the n@zis did


Kanye didnt loseÖ hes about to launch a new album and hes working on doing sh1t independentlyÖ hell.. his separate relaunches at Addidas proved that he didnt lose
 5 months ago '19        #97
aaf192020  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x5
Props total: 144427 144 K  Slaps total: 17444 17 K
 BoosieBambataa said 🔗
Basically. Love Kanye but we gotta call a spade a spade
Thank you! Dude is a genius and I agree with some of what he says and understand most of what he does even though he goes about it the wrong way. What makes him a creative is also what makes him socially repugnant at times. It is what it is.
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