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WELP ! DJ Envy Gets Investigated By News TEAM 12 For Real Estate Ponzi Scheme In NJ/NY

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 5 months ago '04        #140
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 Passport said 🔗
Envy is Black?
As long as you get my sentiment. You see the forest among the trees. I tell better jokes than that if you really want to laugh.

A guy goes to his wife and says "Im going hunting. You can either come with me, suck my d1ck, or I can't fu#k you in the ass." The wife says "Well, I guess Im sucking your d1ck." She starts sucking his d1ck and says "Yuck! It taste like sh1t!" The guy says "I know. The dog doesn't want to go hunting either."
 5 months ago '07        #139
JamcnPrettyboy  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x14
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I think envy is clean. Cesar was moving dirty and even did envy dirty

He said his lawyers advised him not to say anything but he can't wait til his name is cleared so he can talk his ish.
 5 months ago '22        #138
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 Boathxuse said 🔗
Where is that guy who doubted Star wasn't on Envy's neck heavvvvvvyyyyyyyyy!???

Tony the Closer picked the story up, dropped it, Star stepped up and applied the pressure(FBI, DA, lawyers, Snitch Network) and is about to get Envy, his mongrel wife that spic and his spic wife the fu#k up outta here.

Revenge is a long game.

@🔗 racist sh1t
 5 months ago '23        #137
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 drnarcisse said 🔗
If Star is your opp, you need to have money and connections. Dude is relentless. Also, he has no wife and kids, therefore he has time. lmao
Has any females came out & talked sh1t about star
 5 months ago '04        #136
7twelve  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 Dun Language said 🔗

they coming for this n1gga
Are you dumb or are you stupid.

You obviously posted a video you didn't watch or understand
 5 months ago '04        #135
Tastemaker331  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x36
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 YellaBeezyy said 🔗
Suck Envy's d1ck already

I think Envy is a clown
You’re just dumb

 Passport said 🔗
Envy is Black?
He’s not Dominican. One of his parents is from Dominica

Last edited by Tastemaker331; 09-20-2023 at 06:45 PM..
 5 months ago '22        #134
Swamp Hog 
Props total: 6255 6 K  Slaps total: 1255 1 K
Rozay put da call in

say something...

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