Wolverine to be rated M targetting fall 2024

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 gemini8686 said
Yo u come off as wild annoying. It was no reason to mention Spiderman. You can enjoy something without having to bring something else down. Itís like yíall retarded. You donít even see it.

You see something and automatically have to trash something to say youíre excited for something else. Itís a sickness
Sure you don't have a vendetta against me

There was absolutely no reason for you to get mad at what I said yet here we are.

You could have asked why I think that if you wanted to have a conversation about the game but you went straight to hostile bullsh*t. Yall not low at all whatsoever, I just ask yall leave me alone fr. Yall shouldn't be getting this emotional over anyone opinion on a video game and ruining threads with this bullsh*t.

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