Got 26 teeth extracted for immediate dentures, ask away

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Salma Nilla  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x26
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Boxden full of oblongs. Don't drink water in the hood
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 Deuce2fo1six said
My mom just had this done last year, she said, after about a decade of teeth issues it was the best decision she’s made to just say fu*k it, and redo the whole mouth.

Came to the crib literally dancing she was so happy how it turned out.

Im thinking I’ll probably do the same as I’m starting to show sign of periodontal as well.
Yes sir, it just sucks not being able to eat your favorite foods, or plan trips because you might be in pain by the time of the trip.It frees you in ways and is SO much better for your heart.

Explore the possibility of partials first if possible, dentures are.a last resort.Glad to hear your Mom loves the new teeth.
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Stupid Fresh 
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 ~SHYNE~ said
Dentures= replacement teeth
Veneers= over existing teeth.

You cant do both.
But is it something that sits in your mouth until they take it out or you pop them out every night?

Can you get permanents or nah
 2 months ago '18        #210
Mr Tibbs 
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 ~SHYNE~ said
3.The inplant posts are made from Titanium.

4. I am not a dentist so have no idea.
5. what happens to extracted teeth.
6. has your clone tried to a*sassinate you yet.
7. are you gonna need braces to reshape your teeth/mouth.

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Chicken_N_I-Roc  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 nocomment said
the more often you go to the dentist the less painful

Nah, the more often you floss, use mouthwash, and brush ya teeth.
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Them extractions are a scam by them dentists, lose all your teeth when it’s not even needed


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