Oct 6 - NYU Professor Fired for Being Too Hard

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Either you a sheep or a wolf which one will you be... I see a bunch of pussies scared to achieve a higher standard in my opinion I'd take a 80 year old professor with decades of knowledge compared to a 40 year professor who may be better but doesn't know half the knowledge the 80 yr old has...
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80 out of 350. Less than 23%. I bet you'd be one of those sorry motherfu*kers crying and signing the petition

 Tsuri said
Y'all don't take these type of classes and it shows.

80 kids from NYU, in an Org Chem class, can't just say the Professor ain't sh*t without them having some footing to stand on.

Those are some of the brightest, hardest working, most prepared, students on the planet earth.

If 80 of them all agree a particular class is structured in too difficult of a manner, I'm inclined to believe they are right. This is NYU. This ain't your local fu*king community college.

Thats ORG CHEM at NYU. That class is full of XMEN from all over the planet.

That professor on some bi*ch time. Guaranteed. Get him outta here.

And also, this CANT be the first time someone has complained, I wonder how many classes of kids he's crushed before they finally banded together to bring him down.

Org Chem is already hard enough without your professor sabotaging you along the way. fu*k.That.Guy.
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I dont comment much but this is a good read op...
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So you can project your political stance in class and get tenure, but you make some gen Z brats work for a change and you gotta go.

Boomers are right. These younger generations want everything handed to them.

"But....but Boomers didn't have to pay an arm and a leg just to go to college"

They also didn't have search engines, quizlets and grammerly. They actually had to crack open books, use bookmarkers and highlighters to document their sources. They had to work for their degrees a bit harder

fu*king participation trophy culture

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These kids are cheating themselves of the feeling of having accomplished something really difficult. Nyu is a cake a*s university now.

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