Relative Of Jeffrey Dahmer Victim Says Netflix's Monster Is 'Retraumatizing' Their Family

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The jinx  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x8
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 dubsax said
nah its actually pretty good if you get through it

It starts out as that because it was who jeffery was.
but in the end it is really about the injustice in policing in the black communities.

It was racism and homophobia by the police that allowed Dahmer to commit so many crimes and thats really what the series focuses on but to know how bad the cops fu*ked up and how sh*tty the situation was you have to know what happened. Most people including myself only knew about the crimes in Milwaukee but didnt know how bad things were and what he did before in Ohio.

after the 2nd episode they really dive into his childhood and how fu*ked up his parents were.

Niecy Nash did a great job and will likely win an Emmy for her role and its cool that her real daughter plays her daughter in the series
Exactly why i wont be watching it. Typical netflix left wing bullsh*t a bunch of homo sh*t mixed with race sh*t
 4 months ago '18        #150
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Yall ain't trying to figure out if anyone was traumatized by Paid in Full and the following glorification of cats from that era.

Did any of yall care about Pain and Gain and the families traumatized about that?

Yall don't give a fu*k about those brothers. It's just ammo against white people who "glorify" Dahmer while ignoring the glorification of the constant ignorance within our own community.

If it was a one and done k*lling, it would've been all types of "soddom and apocalypse. God punishing the f*gs. Shouldn't have went over there"

Same nikkas whining about Ed Buck when they don't even know ow the names of the brothers who turned up dead at his house. Now yall care about accurate representation of gay black men.
Phony, see through a*s nikkas.

Fake outrage. Nothing to see here.

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 4 months ago '21        #149
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 The jinx said
I actuslly thought about that while watching this.
I stopped watching episode 2. Its just too much gay sh*t and blood. I dont need to see that and its poison for your brain
Should ve keep going , the reflection on America is the scariest part of this brilliant show
 4 months ago '12        #148
OskarDaHippie  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x9
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Feels like a new dahmer project comes out every year tbh.
 4 months ago '17        #147
Thegreatiandi  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 The jinx said

Imagine being as clueless as you and not having a fukin clue about anything.
Yet you read all the labels on food and nutrition you put in your body but you dont have a clue what you feed your brain. Pretty pathetic how bad you are in life. You have no cle who reed timmings is either and what party he contributes too.
You are the definition of a ignoramus.
By the way do you have your pony tail in a hair tie or hair clip today ?
@nutcracker @ @ @
Literally, like ALWAYS, you said nothing but noise, red face, pink bi*ch. Read all the lables... What are you on about, you dipsh*t? All I know is from your photos, apparently YOU'RE not reading any of the labels .

Also, just like always, you prop your own wack a*s response from one of your many BX aliases. BX knows already that @, @, @Columbo, @, @, @endel, @, @, @, @ @, @ @, @ ....these are all your fu*kin logins, you fat fu*k.
 4 months ago '19        #146
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 EZ Green said
Man fu*k this show. Jeffrey Dahmer needs to be forgotten. Not romanticized with a damn back story
You do not understand the sh*t that those girls you see with those thick books walking around who act like they cannot tear themselves away are reading. Half of it is s*x and the other half is violence. They are perplexed while entirely hypocritical and obsessed. But they will never let you know.
Same mind frame of a Harry Potter fan but they eventually turn into serial k*llers pin pals
They feel the same connection we feel listening to gangsta rap without having to commit the crime or do the time
They just happen to be reading it so they feel more sophisticated
@ what part of my statement hurt your fäggöted feelings?

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 4 months ago '14        #145
El Caballero  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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I have no interest in watching this and don't really think we needed the series

But how are you going to complain about being "retraumatized" when you made the decision to watch it...

There are exceptions though I do think them recreating stuff like what they said in court is fu*ked up

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 4 months ago '11        #144
gc le phresh 
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 dubsax said
he didnt target black people out of hate, he knew that the systematic racism in policing would allow him to get away with it. The conditions in the community allowed him to blend in. If he lived in a white neighborhood there would have been no way he would have gotten away with the smell of rotting flesh coming out of his apartment for months.
He knew he could hide in the black community. every attempt he made to a*similate in white culture he was kicked out of.

Its really a story about the poor treatment of brown communities by those that own the property or are in charge via the law and law enforcement.

dahmer's crimes were just the vehicle that shines the light on problems we continue to have today
 4 months ago '13        #143
EZ Green  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 dubsax said
none have the same impact
By design im sure
 4 months ago '22        #142
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don’t watch it then…
it’s you & yours who raised a f*g who couldn’t defend himself & now he’s dead… better get over it

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