Y’all think Chuck will follow through with his promise?

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 3 months ago '04        #20
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Get this fake news sh*t outta here. Barkley never said that....
 3 months ago '05        #19
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Optimus Maximus ignored
 3 months ago '05        #18
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Lmao nah Chuck…. That can’t be a serious bet ��
 3 months ago '15        #17
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 CamburyBXGreat said
It's all entertainment folks Barkley is a clown and that's why Mike doesn't fu*k with him
 Mike T said
Mike said that?
Mike doesn’t call because Charles had the audacity to criticize mike as an owner.

 3 months ago '09        #16
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 3 months ago '17        #15
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 WarriorKing said
Chuck said Mike need more than yes men around and Mike didn’t like that.

How is that clown behavior? Either you dk what you’re talking about or you’re flat out lying. Either way STFU
Chuck is a clown and always has been a clown.

Wait did yall young n*ggas think Barkley was respected in his era?

Charles admits he has no clue why Mike won't answer his calls so that "yes man" sh*t is made up. This is not the first time they fell out but obviously Mike got sick of his sh*t.
 3 months ago '15        #14
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n*ggas in here gossipin like some hoes."he not his friend no more" he dont like him" gross

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