Someone is calling teams on behalf of Roquan Smith to solicit trade interest

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 SeanDon122 said
Roquan using a voice changer to find out his value around the league??

"Hello my name is Schmoquan Smith, can I interest you in a inside linebacker?"
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Dallas will pick him up
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I mean the n*gga name is Roquan...

Just say the n*gga Roquan is out here buggin...

Ro goin Rogue...

He actin Rotarded...

To go in-depth with this, like it was a sane proposition is wild looney on the Journalists behalf...

Lol he probably said his name was some sh*t like Roquan Jones during the phone calls/emails...

They need to find a way to see if they catch the onset of CTE while n*ggas are alive... Because some of the sh*t these players do, lol!

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