a lit month

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a lit month

i have ps plus essential.. this month is lit

tony hawk's pro skater 1&2
yakuza like a dragon
little nightmares

i actually want each game

image thank you sony

i was just telling someone i didn't like yakuza kiwami cuz it was a remake of the first yakuza on ps2 and it felt dated... but i want to play a newer one and see what its like because i think it'll be a better representation of the series

this like a dragon one looks lit.. i guess its kindof a spin-off of the regular yakuza

and i wanted these other two games too but i just never got around to copping

this tony hawk soundtrack is bout to be poppin

let's go!

 2 months ago '16        #18
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I'm hooked on Yakuza Like A Dragon, can't put it down
 2 months ago '06        #17
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This is a good look for anyone who has the base PS plus …. Def a lit month , this sh*t should be something that should be offered only to extra tiers and up … but Sony really blessed us
 2 months ago '11        #16
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i'll finally play the THPS remake

this is a good a*s month

EDIT: sidebar, if you haven't played lil' nightmares yet you a bum, but cop it now, that sh*t was crackkkkkk
 2 months ago '17        #15
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 Quinn said
THPS is the only W on the list, and its a shame you dont already own it

go support so we can get THPS3
Like a Dragon
 2 months ago '04        #14
cuzjuan  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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glad you liking the new sub services op, we celebrated those same games months back when they came to game pass, enjoy!
 2 months ago '16        #13
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 Ozzy booty said
Activision k*lled plans for THPS 3+4 unfortunately

 2 months ago '15        #12
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I would trade OJ for Tony any day >>>

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