They told crawford he was down and then he stopped porter in the next round

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Crawford...move up to 154 and f*ght someone like Brian Castano for starters.

The 147 division is dead. Spence isn't that good, and his best wins are aging badly,that small man mikey Garcia just got beat up by a journeyman, plus he's another dude who doesn't move up.

Ugas is basic.

The rest are meh.

If a f*ghter doesn't move up now and take on challenges then they are second to the ones that do,and always second to the heavies.

You guys love to hype f*ghters that f*ght journeymen and b class f*ghters up. Also, porter was in that f*ght even tho he's a small tailor made lounge forward, no jab, duck and weave short arm f*ghter.

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Or they told Porter he was up and then he did what he needed to do to get the extra bag on the side........more I think about it, more sh*t looking like an Oscar performance by father and son LOL

Son dropped twice as planned and on the second drop he spent more time punching the floor than getting up..and father on cue just ran out like that's enough...

Bud won.....Porter won....dumb fans won....and real boxing fans are left scratching their heads like what the fu*k is going on here

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