Wack100 Claims He's Made 69 43 Million Dollars; Gets 25 percent

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DUCEDUCE  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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As much as I hate 69 got a lane and now he has protection. Wack a businessman for sure. And he a real one them pacoima boys ain't no fu*king joke.
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After that interview wit Dj AK

this all sounds like 100 was a n*gga talkin bad about a bi*ch who was with another n*gga, all to convince her to be with HIM

“U ain’t dressin right, your hair could look better, skin has some acne issues and ur feet don’t look soft…..u really think n*ggas gonna want you like that, that n*gga u wit probably cheatin”…….

“You needs to fu*k wit me tho… I’m tryna get wit’cha for real”
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Hoggystyle  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x8
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Wack a poor man suge however cant hate on og gettin to the bag by extortion these bum a*s rappers

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