If Lakers land Westbrook - Is BX ready for Bron to win 2 chips?

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If Lakers land Westbrook - Is BX ready for Bron to win 2 chips?


It's been a very potent rumor for years now; LA getting Westbrook, but now that Bron is there with his first round exit, LeGM is absolutely about to make some big changes going into his twilight years in the league.

Who expects LeThanos to take losing in the first round with a whimper and inaction? Even his haters know the Basketball-Dragon has lopped off heads image for far less of an offense.

So the Westbrook rumors are picking up steam again and where there is smoke there is fire.

Bron is absolutely about to be courting one or two superstars for acolyte-hood. Is it going to Westbrook(realistic)? Curry (unrealistic)?

Westbrook would bring that tenacity, fire and energy that the Lakers are missing and Bron might be old and experienced enough to tame his more reckless tendencies on court and make up for Brook's lack of BBiQ...

so if Bron gets Westbrook, we know he's going to the Finals, what are BX's thoughts?

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Sure go ahead Lakers get Westbrook bron might actually get his first legit chip as a laker.

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Westbrook don’t play second fiddle
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WESTBROOK is supposed to save the day????
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He’s the most popular player of all time of course people are gonna make fantasy teams with him

no he not dufus
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 CentsCuZ said
How do people still not understand that LeBron needs shooters around him? Literally the whole Lakers squad couldn't shoot this season or were, at best, extremely inconsistent.
Only pantheon great in history who can't get a dynasty type team to save his life....

Too many are jealous of him
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Leflab needs shooters i hope it does happen it’ll be a train wreck

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