Was Jay-Z ever clearly outrapped by somebody?

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 4 months ago '21        #164
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Was Jay-Z ever clearly outrapped by somebody?

I mean, clearly...
 4 months ago '14        #163
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Double Post

 4 months ago '16        #162
southernsmoke90  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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 4 months ago '04        #161
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 CartelFamill said
Couple times Thru ERA's.....L,Sigel,Pusha etc

I think Pusha might be only n*gga to Smoke him on Every song they been on

But he done SMOKED WAY more than
Siegel ain’t NEVA smoked Jay
 4 months ago '13        #160
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Jay washed em on renegade stop it
 4 months ago '05        #159
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 Lord Booker said
Jigga could have been in his prime MJ form and he still would have got murdered by L.

Lamont was just a problem for any rapper
Definitely not murdered but L was better then.
 4 months ago '19        #158
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Bring It On - His verse was dope but Sauce and Jaz had the better verses.
 4 months ago '13        #157
EZ Green  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 Bklynzfinest said
No n*gga...People said it...this is why i can't talk to some of u n*ggas...it's CLEAR you weren't 'around' at the time...what are u like 33/34 at best? U gonna sit here and tell a n*gga who was there in nyc, Brooklyn, and on the net heavy in these conversations when blueprint dropped, hearing n*ggas bring it up and debate and discussed, yet you're arrogantly here debating an actual fact with multiple people telling u you're wrong. No one is saying that jay getting bodied or even edged out is the fact...that's an opinion and guess what, in 2001, i was telling n*ggas the same thing u think you're telling me now...Jay's verses were sick and it was a tossup to me who had the better verse...however, the fact is that the perception was that he got bodied...'u can't tell me otherwise' is y'all mentality and that's why y'all miss sh*t...u here debating an actual fact and think I'm talking about your opinion...where they do that at? I be forgetting I'm on bx...
fu*k all that other sh*t you talking , that's what I'm talking about. Opinion n*gga. You talking about facts . the fact is that they went toe to toe but when nas said that sh*t he made it popular. every time a who washed who debate comes up renegade gets mentioned first. there's a reason why ether is still a verb till this day. that's nas. jay did 300 features and renegade is number 1 on everybody list. use your brain
 4 months ago '20        #156
Lebrown james 
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 4 months ago '17        #155
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Jay is a clown
 4 months ago '17        #154
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Dawg Kendrick outrapped him Dont k*ll my Vibe remix.

Kendrick also recorded a second verse that Jay Z didnt know about to really outrap him but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
 4 months ago '13        #153
EZ Green  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 Bklynzfinest said
No u weren't there...just because u were alive, u weren't there...like i said, at best ur like an 89 baby, but most likely early 90s...u weren't having the same convos or involved like me who was 20 years old when the song came out...u lil n*ggas love capping on the net and then double down on idiocy with confidence...look at u still not knowing what a gotdamn fact and opinion means...just because 2 people agree on the same opinion doesn't make it a fact...so if u think chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla and i do too, then it becomes a fact? Even if u polled 1 million people and 999,999 agree that chocolate was better, it would still be an opinion ...jesus christ some of u should never have kids...mans is so proudly ignorant he's telling the person who is more knowledgeable (in both hip hop and basic English) that they sound stupid
This clown admitted he thought it was a tossup but somehow its a fact that jay got washed. Youre talking in circles now
 4 months ago '13        #152
EZ Green  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 DeadleeThreat said
Foh. I dont even like Em but his flow was like water on that sh*t. Nas didnt have to tell me sh*t. He just stated what was obvious to people with functioning ears.
bar for bar they went toe to toe. nas said that sh*t and it became the first example outof everyone's mouth for this topic. that sh*t ain't no coincidence
 4 months ago '07        #151
iTzMe!  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 The Gary Group said
Y'all slow talking about Nicki k*lled Jay Z of all people on that song.
Like I ask everyone that posts about Nicki and that weak a*s verse. POST ANY BARS OF HERS THAT WERE BETTER THAN JAY'S AND I'LL CASH APP YOU $1,000
I want to start off by saying.. I’m a huge jay Stan.
I didn’t say she k*lled Jay, just felt bad she brought the best energy.

Been listening since reasonable doubt. I don’t state it publicly but listening to
“Renegade “ now that I’m older Jay definitely in my opinion did not take a “L” on that.

In monster (to me) Jay’s whole sound was off.
Nikki whole delivery and energy was just on a higher level.

If you think imma sit here and type up Nikki bars you wilding.
 4 months ago '13        #150
EZ Green  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 Bklynzfinest said
Now we have resorted to lies...conversation over, sir. U n*ggas think because u google things and name drop that u can fool people...technology has tricked some of these lil n*ggas into really think they're smarter than the previous generations when in reality, they're users of these tools and really don't know how easy it is to tell when they look sh*t up and pawn it off as knowledge to the unsuspecting reader...but n*ggas really there can always tell...lol then he wants to quiz us lol...'tryna reverse the outcome and I'm like huh?' n*gga I was in speed, envy in its prime, the fu*k u talking bout...lol @ how many rooms...smh...n*gga wasn't even old enough to be in mars2112 or Duvet days... (now watch him steal these drops and front with them down the road to act more knowledgeable). U move like a culture vulture...i swear people's age and ethnicity should be posted on here, just for perspective sake.

@ peep how he ain't drop "n*gga" (I think) until I mentioned hoping he ain't Black for the sake of the race ...i ain't gonna fact check that, but it doesn't even really matter tbh...stupid is stupid and a fronting n*gga is a fronting n*gga, of any race.
You sound stupid. I was running around Dc , Bmore and nyc .I was mcing the back room of the paradox and edens lounge in 2002 with dj spontaneous. Spitting at club pyramid at eow. Google that internet n*gga.
 4 months ago '05        #149
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 Ghettobiz said
"Eminem murdered you on your own sh*t"

This has always been nonsense, he used the same exact verses that he did on the original renegade (with I believe royce) so if anything he shifted on them.

Ignore the Avy I ain't biased
 4 months ago '13        #148
EZ Green  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 Bklynzfinest said
Yeah people were saying it...your young a*s just had to stay out of grown folks conversations in those days still interested in Pokémon cards and still terrified of approaching chicks...if i was 20, the most u were was 9 n*gga...u didn't and still don't understand these things nemo...u the type to try and flex hip hop knowledge on 20 year olds of today when ur own sh*t limited as fu*k (by choice).

On the other hand, i had a T1 connection at college with napster, nas bbs message board, and pirate bay in all its glory, soaking this sh*t up with real hip hop heads...it was being said, period...u can't rewrite history...just like nastradamus sucking...the attacks are there for a reason...u probably don't even remember that BP and Stillmatic dropped only a couple months from each other and so among people awaiting nas' response, the talk was how dope BP was, that it was a classic, and the same track by track discussions that goes on today when sh*t drops (renegade being one of the most talked about for obvious reasons)...and that was the debate, so nas put it in the song because his opinion was the same as others' opinions...did it cause more people to look into it and further the debate and the spread the opinion further? No fu*king sh*t...arguably the 'biggest' rap battle ever, of course that's gonna happen. Doesn't mean 'nobody' was saying it before nas did.

Btw, subconsciously brainwashed is a redundant term (and clearly u didn't know that...I'm lowkey making u smarter in this conversation...u should pay me a fee).
No people were not saying it n*gga
I remember It all. I was there. In club speed and the ritz in the dark a*s reggae room getting sweaty. You were jerking off. You don't know me. But for some reason you chose to latch on to some young narrative. that why i called you a woman n*gga, bevaue you cant stick to the topic. like a bi*ch. If you such a hip hop head that was there then tell me how long it took jay to drop super ugly after ether
 4 months ago '19        #147
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 SeanP3688 said
Of course. Lol.

Yall gotta stop this Jay Z is the all superior MC thinking. Face smoked him on This Can't Be Life, as well. And a host of other times that have been mentioned in this thread Jay was not the best MC on the song.

Rumor also is you never see Jay in the same room as n*ggas that would eat his lunch like Black Thought, Mos Def, Ghostface etc.....

 4 months ago '05        #146
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Couple times Thru ERA's.....L,Sigel,Pusha etc

I think Pusha might be only n*gga to Smoke him on Every song they been on

But he done SMOKED WAY more than
 4 months ago '13        #145
EZ Green  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 786 said
Yeah but you weren't born then so how could you possibly comment on that?

One of the reasons why that line was so impactful was because it mirrored what everyone was saying, the way Nas articulated it just made it hit harder.
How wasn't I born then when I was fu*kin your sister in the club speed bathroom stupid n*gga? The line was impactful because it was on ether and everybody sucked that song off

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