May 16 - Commander kicked out of Space Force after claiming Marxists taking over military

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hemm, unlike BX, ill give it a read to see what he said kindle edition is only $12 for those wondering
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 majorpain1963 said
Yeah so you thought you had something with that last post huh?

In any goddamn case, the numbers you're purporting don't show the reality is even more damning. It's all about ratios slick, not the raw numbers.

And the science behind the ratios makes it CLEAR that black people and police encounters a) occur at a higher rate per capita and b) are more lethal.
If you're so confident in the science then go to Washington Post and post the numbers here and let everyone judge for themself.

Cuz if you want to play the ratio game you don't want to see per capita who's the number one k*ller of black people are and who commits crime percentage wise in relative to their population as a whole...

I'm all about evidence-based science base database here... Let that guide policy going forward and leave narratives at da door.
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 Deuce2416 said
They are only “perceived” as “figureheads” by intellectually lazy people looking for a straw man to tear down so as to not have to deal with the real issue and root cause of the problem.

And stop with the “da”... youre not fooling anyone, white man.
-they're founders so its "strawman hypotheticals" is a moot point.

-"when they can't attack da message they attack da messenger.."
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 majorpain1963 said
No it's not. The "movement" can't account for every single individual or their actions.

Corruption can occur at every level in any organization but Police departments is supposed to be 100% perfect?
Lemme demonstrate something...i changed one word from your statement..you still feel da same way?

To not veer too off OP's thread... Marxism should be snuffed out at every possible opportunity...if you're familiar with history you know its a dangerous ideology thats claimed millions of lives.

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 Ninjahood said
That's fine.

Elaborating on "perception is reality" Washington Post keeps a very accurate list on police shootings by race and demographic you might want to check that list out because a lot of the narrative that's going on doesn't reflect reality on ground.

I'm not defending law enforcement or BLM I just feel like the pursuit of reform should be guided by science-based evidence base database facts and not just emotions run amok.
"Let's stick to the facts!"

"Perception is reality!"

fu*k outta here, troll

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 Xiox said

This one is apolitical..

Nah. YOU brought those numbers up. I don't need to defend your theory
Ill use 2018 as an example...

This is FBI's crime page overview of that year and cross reference it with Washington post police shootings data

Nearly every person shot by police that year was armed...

Its all about narratives ≠ reality....i wish media would more accurately reflect what's data instead of stirring feelings based on rheortic...

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