Akademik Says Joe Messed Up, & May Legally Owe Rurry & Mal. Full 3Hr Stream

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 3 months ago '07        #95
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 Bilal said
Because he signed them to a % of every deal for the pod bit sounds like he was just paying them let's if it's 10k a episode but he really earned 50k he'd pay them 10k hoping they don't see the other 30 and complain lol. Pretty much not disclosing the real dollar amount on what's earned but paying them a little more so they don't get suspicious except they did especially when they caught a 400k discrepancy.
Won't matter in court if he actually paid them more than he was supposed to. As long as they got paid what they were supposed to at minimum, they will have no case. If I owed you 20k a month thru a contract but paid you 40k then you find a 400k discrepancy in the books then when all is said and done your pay isn't effected then what does it matter to you, and if that discrepancy ends up being because of the extra money I was paying you then you really just wasted all of our time.

Not saying that is the case but it could be
 3 months ago '20        #94
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This is why I don't listen to these Hip Hop Old Heads. Ak was calling these dudes all sorts things and I bet right now,He is sweating bullets and eating up his own words.

For a dude that claims to have industry knowledge, He sure doesn't know sh*t about Joe.
 3 months ago '20        #93
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The fu*k.
 3 months ago '06        #92
Bilal  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x11
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 SoldiersReturn said
I think this is the case but the money is comin to them after everything else is paid for, which is making their cut of the profit lower then what they might expect but who knows, Mal just said he ain’t taking nobody to court guess we will see
As Fan of Joe since MM I would hope he ain’t steal money but you never know honestly
Rory also said they sit with the costs up front. So they still end up getting fu*ked and cheated.
 3 months ago '20        #91
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 Bigboi781 said
But you, a random on the Internet do?

I don't care about any of those Krusy Krab celebrities.

I find it weird you asking me such a question, Don't ever Holla or talk to me like that again n*gga

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