Epic Really Opened Pandora's Box... Everyone Is Getting Sued Now

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I was about to defend valve until I saw this quote from the story:

Rosen added that he is not the only developer that has run into issues when publishing on Steam: “I believe that other developers who charged lower prices on other stores have been contacted by Valve, telling them that their games will be removed from Steam if they did not raise their prices on competing stores." Rosen claims that this approach breaches antitrust laws, which has led to him filing the lawsuit.

If that is outside of the scope of their agreement then maybe they have a case; if not, stfu.
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Vince McMahon  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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They can lower their prices or let games be sold on other sites

Either way gamers get games for lower prices
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good. monopolies are bad and anti-consumer.
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Epic Really Opened Pandora's Box... Everyone Is Getting Sued Now

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They aren't obligated to use Steam.
If they don't like Valve go to another platform or host themselves, or better yet, sell that sh*t on DVD-ROM properly
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 joshdogg26 said
good. monopolies are bad and anti-consumer.
Where's the monopoly when it's competitors, EGS, GOG, Battlenet, the Microsoft Windows Games Store, and so on not only exist, but they're brokering half million dollar deals and experiencing growth like EGS and so on.

Just a bunch of fishing by companies after the Epic lawsuit, nothing is really going to come of this. Hell one of the documents that leaked from the Epic lawsuit revealed an updated/enhanced version of Unreal tournament 3 was geared up for free release on EGS and Steam, that Steam had a hand in getting prepped for example. Kinda hard to call them a monopoly when they're dedicating resources to propping up content developed, managed, and put out by their supposed direct competition.

They aren't a monopoly by any sense of the word, they're just immensely popular because they've got tremendous mindshare for being around before the other stores popped up.

And I like the Epic Games Store. Steam always has tons of bullsh*t advertised at me that I don't care about, but calling them a monopoly just ain't it.

This lawsuit isn't even a major one, its a lawsuit filed by the guy from 'Wolfire' games about how he doesn't like the agreement he signed with them, and what he 'believes"' is happening to other companies doing business with Steam...he literally said its what he 'believes" lol.

The thing is he signed an agreement. They're simply forcing him to adhere to it or get the hell on

Thats the funny thing he simply doesn't have to do business with them. He could just pick up his ball and take it to another court, he even said so. But he wants them to lower their cut, and allow him to void parts of the agreement he signed.

This is his game:

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 BackInTheSaddle said
never had a problem with cdkeys
3 transactions there now

the keys you get from resellers usually work but the problem is when a publisher / developer finds out you're using a stolen key they take the loss

they dont want to block a user that actually paid for their game even tho they got zero dollars
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 GetYaCoinsKing said
In all fairness many of those cdkey sites are carded, People just card ie; eBay/Amazon for keys and then re-sell them on their. GOG is usually my go-to for keys as they're legit and greenmangaming as well. Thing is a lot of times the keys don't end up getting blacklisted until months later.
Gog is great. I utilize them for older games most times.

And I've never had a CD key blacklisted but, I know this does happen from time to time.
 3 months ago '17        #6
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This has been brewing for Valve for some time now. Even though they are my number one go to for all PC games for the most part, they have some very bullsh*t practices for anyone selling on their marketplace.

It doesn't help that when the competition tries to be legitimate competition, they open trash like the origin store. Epic game store is pretty sh*tty itself but at the very least, they will drop you some free games every once in awhile.

If you are a PC gamer, just do yourself a favor and enjoy the fallout. Just know, it could give a bit of a fire under the a*ses of these other storefronts to enhance them if valve starts feeling the heat. The likelihood that they feel the heat however is slim to none in my opinion.

Also, make sure you check out Green Man Gaming. Most games are cheaper here and you can always activate a non-purchased steam game on Steam so that it shows up in your library.

Right now, Resident Evil 8 is 59.99 on Steam. It's $50.39 on this site.

And it's even cheaper ( $46.59 ) on:

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GetYaCoinsKing  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Harmful my a*s, They're just mad there is no real alternative.
Origin sucks, Battle Net is meh, Epic games is only good for the free games they give out.

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