That time Eminem ran to his friend at Complex like a bi-ch trying to end Joe Budden career

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 3 months ago '05        #8
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Joe didn't want it with Em. He said if Em calls him out one more time he was going to 'bar him up'. Em called him out like three more times and then he changed it to, if Em drops a whole diss song about him then it's on. If Em did drop a whole diss track to Joe, it would've been, 'If Em drops a whole diss album towards me the same way I did to Drake.....then it's on.'
 3 months ago '19        #7
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Friday foolishness starting already.
 3 months ago '06        #6
Doe Sun 
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Gotta give it to buddens reinventing himself and making something out of a failed career.

But Em ain’t afraid of him lol
 3 months ago '11        #5
Blinx 182 
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 3 months ago '14        #4
Tim Jay 
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idk what about are you here but when i hear buddens name i think bout this


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