Jake Paul Seconds After Brawl With Floyd “Money” Mayweather

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 3 months ago '20        #25
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 wru425 said
He’s not f*ghting Jake tho. Do people really not understand this? He’s f*ghting his brother, Logan Paul
I guess we all look alike to that piece of sh*t
 3 months ago '17        #24
alejandrososa  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 Brazi Deee said
He gonna knock out floyd
i been saying this watch this be floyds first L hes all about the bread i would not be suprised im bouta bet 100 on jake
 3 months ago '20        #23
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 d3athb4dishonor said
They finally learning from WWE lol. Build that heat. Have Connor interfere after it's over and set up another f*ght.
i said the same thing. ufc,mma,boxing and others have learn well from wwe. about trash talking.feuds, and building up and hyping up matches up.

i love it. in fact i think they should do more of it. after a while wreslting gets boring and you want to real sports stars feud and beef like this.

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