May 5 - Pastor Mario Murillo: God Wants Christians to 'Terrify National Democrat Leaders'

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God is into politics now...
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 ItAlY2BkLyN said
If you listen to a preacher then something wrong with you.
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If you listen to your preacher about politics and aren't skeptical, then something wrong with you.
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Good thing not all Christians feel that way. Not even all conservative Christians feel that way but the media has done a good job of teaching people how to lump other people together and slap a label on them. If any religion or race should be familiar with this, it would be the black community who has had to deal with more negative, racist stereotypes then anyone else. However, so many on here act just like the people who they say they hate. I can overlook that though, being a victim of racism and oppression is a difficult spot to be in. You hear all kinds of voices pretending they care when in reality theyre just waiting for the next opportunity to exploit the poor and make money off them

Anyways, Dr Michael Brown--a conservative Christian who voted for Trump--has had his foot on the neck of the capital rioters and the failed election prophecy pastors going back to January. They call his show mad because they feel like hes supposed to be on their side. The reality is that alot of the conservative Christians made Trump their God when there is only one true God. Dr. Brown has lost alot of his followers because hes devoted to the truth as opposed to being devoted to human approval
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Do most christians think Jesus was a terrorist?
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Con man.

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