Cadillac Electric car

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Cadillac Electric car


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 BrothaJoe said
Cadillacs ELR tanked they were legitimately giving them away. We shall see its GM can deliver with the new Hummer but as with all concept cars gotta take it with a grain of salt. If Cadillac would of made Elmiraj it would have sold as theres not many big coupes left. Instead Cadillac decided lets change our car names to XT4 ect poor leadership and marketing. Iíve had two Cadillacs so far but after going European(BMW) Idk if they could possibly lure me back the quality of materials and engineering is like night and day. Iím a hands on person when it comes to my cars and yes working on imports are a bi*ch but in terms of the driving experience so much better than domestics.
Cadillac flop because theyíre made for old people. This whip is actually a step in the right direction, Euro cars are trash unless you like style over performance or just need a car for the weekend . Japanese cars are the best daily drivers for sure. Perfect combination of style and performance. Perfect for long trips and short trips. Asia has everybody beat.
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What the stocks price look like?
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 Cowboy said
leasing the bmw?

No I don’t own nor ever had a brand new car. Low mileage cars yeah but never brand new 20/30k mileage cars. I’ve had a Eldorado ETC fully optioned and a Cadillac STS-V. Now a e39 5 series which is older than both cars yet style,handling, and interior better than both cars. Been looking at e39 generation M5s lately. After 20 years cars still carry a 20k/50k asking price as their considered the best luxury sports sedan ever created.

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