Best black comedians in the game right now

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MuchMusic  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x100
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IG comedians > stand-up comedians ???


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None of them are funnier than Jeremiah Phillips

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ray ray been buzzing in ny, without him there wouldnt have been a 2020 wrap up by murda

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Be Easy 
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michael che

that’s bout it outside a couple
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 YAYO101 said
None of those skits was funny though

Who can actually do at least a 20-30 Minute Stand Up set and k*ll it?

Ali Siddiq probably my favorite comedian right now, GREAT Storyteller, he also can k*ll it in front of ANY type of Crowd!

 Coffee said
this sh*t is not stand-up comedy,

it's sketch, skit, comedy

Did King Bach, JerryPurpDrank, or other Viners take over comedy?

No. They fu*king didn't.

Most of these dudes actually do stand up and we’re taking over pre-pandemic. Skits might not be y’all brand of comedy but it’s sickening how quick y’all are to downplay these comedians.

Also Balleralert skipped over Kountry Wayne, moneybag_mafia and Phillip Hudson.
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 Ichiban Mugen said
This is such a hilariously bad take.

The thing about Rock or Hart is that if the industry burnt down tomorrow, they could still hit a stage and put up a quality 10, 20, 30, 60 minutes. That's a skill, and it takes years to form. It has nothing to do with the industry anointing them.

What you may be talking about is crossover into the mainstream, and that takes time like anything. Even if Hollywood picks the person they want to bump up, that doesn't mean that people will take to them. Look at Tone Bell for example. Good dude, really funny, works really hard, has had a number of TV credits of note. But he's nowhere near a household name like Rock or Hart. That's someone with real stage experience, so you'd be foolish to think any of these IG people could compete with major headliners.

nicely written

Hart, Rock, Chapelle, Che, Lucas Bros, etc, are all different types of artist, talents, with different skillsets than these instagram/vine/youtuber/tiktok dudes. You're comparing apples and oranges to dollar tree candies, there is a hint of comedy there but it's very essence is cheap in its very nature, from production to consumption, from seller to consumer
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 kami said
Who said Chris rock and Kevin Hart didn’t perfect their craft? Stop reacting with emotions i clearly meant IG comedians.
stop with the BX-badtake defense

IG 'comedians' aren't stand-up comics and their predecessors 'viners' (Bach, etc) didn't take over comedy after Vine burnt down. Hart did. And this new batch of hacks won't carry comedy forward either.
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 Its said
Only new comer I can think of is Mr T daughter
I forgot her name. It's Erica something... anyway
She's funny AS and she can get it too

Also He not really new at all, but Karlous my niggy. Got give son his respect and mention him off gp cause his name ain't mentioned enough imo
you have got to be kidding me
that old boring dude from wildnout?
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 whouthinkitis said
DC Young Fly isn't in the least bit funny.
U trippin in the right setting he is hilarious. Mostly alongside Chico and Karlous to carry it.. but DC be funny in spots and pockets I promise you.
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Mk slatt is probably the funniest atm

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kami  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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 Ichiban Mugen said
That's exactly what I'm responding to. You said this exact quote, "They can make any of these ig goofs the next Chris rock/Kevin Hart if they please. Hollywood is their game and they chose the comedian they want to anoint."

And what I'm saying is no they can't.
I agree somewhat with your initial take but I’m not here to argue with females. I dunno what we’re arguing about.

Imma catch the 5150 tonight good day lil n*gga

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