Durant's team was trash

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 Dodgers said
Bron Barely played.
Played more than durant and still got first pick when they knew dursnt wasn't playing...how does drafting go if kd just gets first pick or back to back first?

Either he takes giannis and kryie and teams are basically the same but giannis on durants team or he takes kyrie, bron takes giannis, durant takes steph and bron takes embiid who didnt play..so now durants team adds steph without losing anybody and brons team loses steph with out gaining anybody...whole different game in either scenario
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Lebron looks old
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Durant's team was better if embiid and durant actually played. They shoulda gave him first pick to compensate but oh well
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Durant's team was missing KD, Embiid, & Booker

Mothafu*kaz on this site really don't know sh*t about hoops
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Wiggy wexler  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x11
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Lebron if he was a STARFOX CHARACTER


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This is fu-king genius.
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Okc 25 Steph 24
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"ok dodge peeps...it's been fun..but welcome to the real world' barry silbert..
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Out of these 10 players who's the most overrated?
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