Firefly 2+ Hands-On: A cannabis vape competitor

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It all depends where they set the temp at. Vaped weed will never feel like smoked bud, smoking you get everything at once and because of the carbon monoxide intake from smoking - your blood oxygen % dips slightly, making the effect more ‘stoney’

Most dry vapes are garbage, it will break down the more simple terpenoids before any of the cannabinoids and thus misses out on some of the entourage effect of taking in all the flavonoids, terpenoids and cannabinoids of a bowl like when you smoke.

That’s just my 2 cents. Couldn’t switch to vaping, I’ve tried, I just like my flower smoke. SImple bong, clean AF water and piece, hempwick to light and break the bud up by hand cleanly. Papers fu*k the flavor up and most blunt wraps have more pesticides on them than you’d ever want to smoke.


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