Yeezy Busta exposed

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 redcodeinesyrup said
its always funny to see n*ggas like this who seems to have it all spelled out when it comes to people having an obsession wtih shoes

n*ggas make it seem like when a n*gga covets a shoe or the hobby or whatever so much that is makes them become equal to n*ggas that like loli anime (google it if u dont know)

n*ggas act like us who love yeezys and balenciaga triple s's and retro js and sh*t are like gun extremeists, and we are going to hurt the world.

you can tell its your age. go on instagram, alot of this new generation of sneaker resellers are business men. that lil n*gga that hang out with dj khaled and sh*t, benjaminkicks or something that n*gga inspires the youth and all these other young kids who make money on this sh*t aspire other youth.

stop making it seem like its such a disgusting hobby. theres way worse and people can like what the fu*k they like

theres always some guy that feels like oh them n*ggas like shoes WAYYY too much, they idolize celebrities, they would martyr for them, blah blah blah.

like whatever you are passionate about is the same.

wtf do you wear anyways? you have to tell us i dont want to hear no designer, nothing. what kind of car do you drive, i hope it isnt designer. what kind of phone do you have, are you just a phone extremist?? we need answers!!

fu*k outta here and go get you a bag

stop slaving at that 9-5 and find you a hobby that makes you happy. be your own boss.

and im out
Im talking bout people who expose others of fake stuff and making it their hobby.
His whole story about his first sneakers that he received fake jeezy's sounds like bs

Dude probably buyed it himself and got shamed by some kids so now he want to give other people the same feels.

And I dont care who walks with dj Khaled dude that sh*t dont interest me.


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