Jul 10 - Kamala Harris says credit scores should include rent, cell phones and utilities

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She's right

I always thought there are some credit scoring company that does keep a track of the utility bills, too.

I know there are few of the credit check companies, and for some reason thought the landlords are able to check this out for when they want to run a credit score check, and at least know how to check if you pay your house bills/rent/mortgage on time.
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Makes sense but to make it better for people that struggle make it as a way to only increase not decrease with some factors.. like pay I constant on time over 4/6 months get a bump but if you don't pay it/late 1-2 months you only loose maybe 1/8 or 1/12 of the gains.

This way people that are trying to build their credit can actually build their credit and not worry about being punished if something comes up.

I know bills sent reported until they are 30 days late so I would expect something like that to be fore rent as well.




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