3 stacks verse on this song is why I fu-ks with his music

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top ten dead or alive

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 Wondah_Woman said
My friend who is a huge Big Boi fan and I have this conversation all the time because he feels like Big is underrated and disrespected because of all the props Andre gets. I do feel like Big is both of those things, and Iíve really appreciated him more on this solo run. Big is dope, but Andre is special and thatís what makes them different. Itís not to say that Big donít get down and doesnít do his thing. OutKast ainít OutKast without Big Boi doing what he does, cutting through like he does, but Stacks is just otherworldly
I know n*ggas that want to throw hands for this but I have big boi ahead of 3K

3K be doing wayyyyyyy too much on his verses for me

Like all that ainít even necessary

Heís borderline ruined some songs for me



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