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slayer2020 2 heat pts
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Some one here really likes to post this clown and his annoying voice. We as a people are doomed for our own foolishness. Do you think he gives a fuc about BX or our culture. Screw this clown. Post other people who don’t speak like serotonin imbalanced nutty idiots. Thanks.

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Naga Sadow 36 heat pts36
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 slayer2020 said
Hey, wtf is a Doug Demuro. Clowns. Posting this annoying garbage here. No diversity in your viewpoint. I could understand if you post this clown every once in a while, but the lack of diverse viewpoints and the abundance of his annoying voice on this forum leaves you and other clowns open for some grade A product placement and manipulation. Good luck to the clowns that fall for clowns like these. So uninformed.
Diversify your mind clown.
So why even bother entering the post and crying about it? You're just irritating everybody, including yourself. Just don't enter and keep it moving and stop crying. You could probably use some of this.




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