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 2 months ago '16        #74
postemupndunkit 4 heat pts
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 tu calmas said
U never been around a pregnant woman before

Quit capin for the d*ckhead who tried to choke out a pregnant woman over a fu*king sports game
Not caping for him. No excuses necessary.

I just don't understand why she was there

Who's taking their pregnant wife to an nfl game where our team is on the road
 2 months ago '07        #73
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She was probably a drunk and belligerent bi*ch. Tf a pregnant chick doing in the front row at a football game anyways?
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blah blah blah 91 heat pts91
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Doubt he knew she was pregnant

Looks like she grabbed him first

Football fans showing why 95% of them are mentally ill (once again)
 2 months ago '14        #71
PolarBear 5 heat pts
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 2 months ago '17        #70
Petieparker 5 heat pts
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 postemupndunkit said
Let me enter the mind of the late great Patrice O'neal.

I have some questions

1)why is his pregnant wife in attendance at NFL road game?

2) while at said road game, why is she either so oblivious, or careless to become aggressive with a steelers fan in Pittsburgh of all places?

He needs to train her and make sure she knows her lane

It's unfortunate what happened but this could have all been avoided

I don't know why a pregnant woman wants to be around rowdy drunk people from Pittsburgh in December for 4 hours

She's gotta be aware of her surroundings cause that could have been way worse and way more traumatic.
n*gga you sound like a Virgin. Pregnant Women can travel depending on how many months into the pregnancy. She didnít look that far into the pregnancy ol dumb a*s. Clearly never been around Women.


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