How To Make Gifs

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How To Make Gifs

2016 UPDATE: Obviously, I have gotten much better at these. But I want to make it known I do not use this method any longer. Now-a-days I make gifs solely in photoshop. Here is a way better tutorial.

Original Post:
I get a lot of this question so, I decided to make this thread. It may be a little long.

Before I start, keep in mind I am still a rookie at this. In no way do I claim to be any good at editing pictures or making gifs. It is just that in my situation, I'm a pretty creative person plus the turnaround to making them is low.

A few things to know...
  • There are many different ways to making gifs
  • The source gif or video has to be short (you'll see what i am talking about)
  • This thread isn't about making gifs transparent

I used a lot of different programs but lately I have been using 3 programs to make my gifs. If you have the knowhow, you could do it solely in Sony Vegas.

Programs in this tutorial...
  • Sony Vegas
  • Paint.Net (Can be photoshop if that's your preference)
  • Camtasia

Again, keep in mind there are a lot of different ways to do this. This is ONE of my methods.

First thing I will do is find either a gif or video that I want to make an edit to.

In this case...


The gif or video has to be short for two reasons. 1.) Filesize 2.) You have to edit each and every frame of the video/gif

After I find something I want to edit I open the file in Sony Vegas. I then RENDER AS...


I render as a JPEG sequence into a specific folder (can be any folder)


What this does is make a single jpeg for every single frame. You will now have to edit every single frame by frame on your new gif. Again, YES! You have to edit each and every jpeg one by one.

NOTE: This is not needed if you already know how to use Sony Vegas, the program allows you to make changes to gifs or videos but I always thought it was a lot easier doing it my way. Either way you still have to edit frame by frame in Vegas as well, there is no getting around that.

Once you have your jpeg sequence, it will look like this....


Open your photo editing program. I use PAINT.NET but you can also use photoshop. (Google PAINT.NET its free. I say Google it because PAINT.NET is not the actual URL of the programs web page)

Find another photo you want to add to this gif (make sure it is PNG so the background will be transparent)



Put the picture where you want and edit accordingly. (Not going to teach you how to edit nor about layers)

Once you have the edit perfect, save the jpeg and replace the picture you just edited.

Once you edit every single frame, it is time to create the gif. I use Camtasia. I add all the individual jpegs into Camtasia and into the timeline.

Notice when you add all the jpegs into the timeline below, it still is not finished cause the duration of each picture is 5 seconds each in the timeline of TRACK 1.


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