A popular video vixen describes in explicit details.. Her freaky night with NFL star Shawne Merriman

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A popular video vixen describes in explicit details.. Her freaky night with NFL star Shawne Merriman


August 24, 2011. The following GROUPIE story was sent in by a POPULAR Miami skripper that is routinely featured on
 www.MediaTakeOut.com. This is her story with NFLer Shawne Merriman:

So my girl and I met Shawne Merriman on the beach in Miami. We got f*cked up, went to King of Diamonds, and back to the Hotel Catalina (which he is part owner of). Shawne kept saying how he would do anything to have a 3some with us so we agreed to do it if he paid us. He didn't even flinch,he paid us and we got busy.

SHAWNE has a monster c*ck. The sh*t is massive. We nicknamed him 'thump' because whenever you let his d*ck go it THUMPS back on his stomach. His head game is pretty good too. He gives a lot of effort so it makes it fun to watch. Shawne is a freak! He insisted that I f*ck his face. Not ride it but actually f*ck his mouth with my p*ssy while my girl was s*cking his d*ck.

After that he flipped me around and ate and fingered my a** while I made out with my girl. She was riding him. Shawne has a mean pound game and an obsession with anal play. Shawne took turns f*cking me and my girl for about an hour. Like I said his d*ck is amazing. It's beautiful. He's got the perfect stroke. Not too hard, not too fast. He's freaky and nasty and likes to talk sh*t.

He likes to play with your a** while he f*cks you. He was loving it. My girlfriend got on all fours so Shawne could f*ck her from behind. He got behind her and I got behind him. He moaned so loud. That only lasted a few minutes before he came. I'm pretty sure he's on something because every time he came he would scream so loud and his body would tremble.

It didn't seem like a natural reaction. Anyway why did I go to the bathroom after and find a prescription for Viagra. That explains the ferocity in his f*cking I guess. Overall great d*ck if you're not turned off by the whole freaky thing

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