Hip-hop lingo you just don't understand

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 2 years ago '18        #707
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 gvd239 said
Gun got the extendo

stiffy means d*ck. d*ck another word for extension
No blicky got the stiffy mean he not gettin his a$$ taken he will fu*k them or they can suck his di*k cuz when you sign that deal they wanna pop you in the a$$ and videotape you
 2 years ago '18        #706
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Did drake have x*xTentacion k*lled this hip hop sh*t is deeper than what a lot of y’all know
 3 years ago '16        #705
ruddiger  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 Penrythejanitor said
To the dude talking about 'fugazy', don't that mean fake - especially fake jewellery? Them mafia dudes were calling swag jewels fugazy in the 60s and 70s, I'm sure of it...

If i had to make a guess I'd guess at an Italian or Yiddish origin...
Fugazi comes from Vietnam-era military jargon, American GIs would use the term fugazi to describe anything that ended up going badly. "There was a firef*ght and everything went fugazi."
 2 years ago '18        #704
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What does this mean.. “pull up in a demon on god”
What is a “lemon” and why are there so many squares in the music industry
 11 years ago '06        #703
Prince Ace 
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trae pound is the weight of the gun
 2 years ago '17        #702
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what is a damn "thooka"?
 5 years ago '13        #701
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What da lick read is equivalent to "what good"...as in what the deal?....

Fugazi: yall gonna like this....between 1999 and 2000 there was a cab driver with the last name fugazi...now this was when the black Lincolns was all over the streets and they were being used as cabs(in u from or been to NY u know what im talkin bout...airport transportation etc) this fugazi dude wasn't a real cab driver but was picking people up and dropping them off to their destinations no paperwork or nothing...he was eventually arrested and this is where the term fugazi came from...fake ..bootleg...fronting

Mobb deep's lingo was a tuff one to learn...they used to say kiko all the time (me and my lil kiko") yall know to this day I still dont know what it means?
 11 years ago '08        #700
Gmengfx  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1 OP
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i figured as much but like...wtf kinda gun lol

and if its not a specific gun..where did that name come from cuz it dont make sense
 3 months ago '21        #699
Dberks71  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Sayin someone “scary” meaning they are the one who is scared.

To me , saying they are “scary” is me saying I’m the one who is scared of them..
 3 years ago '08        #698
Gmengfx  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1 OP
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Smh. White guys. Still trying to decode our sh*t and take it or make us tap dance to it. Clown n*gga mumble rappers like lil wayne wanna spell it out for em
well seeing that there has been about 15 different answers as to why he calls a gun a "trae pound" .... I think my question holds up to where trae pound actually came from

that and Jada being notoriously known for wtf is he talking about bars.
 11 years ago '08        #697
Calamari Pasta 
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 Fresh Whyte said
...It Came From Atlanta. I Cant Explain The Rest Like What Does Ham Go To Do With Being Crunk
they say it comes from "mayhem"
 3 years ago '04        #696
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 Sephiroth757 said
"Sittin sideways & sippin bar" I hear that sh!t and just go....

bar of lean
 3 years ago '18        #695
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I always thought "SLAP" as in "yo this beat/song slaps so hard" as like the snare in the track being really loud, but it actually means the bass is really powerful.
 12 months ago '18        #694
BrooklynDamien  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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What's the science behind "12"? Probably was already addressed pages ago. I'll look through
 11 years ago '08        #693
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 snippet said
Dip Diver?
Powayu(power-you)? (I know what it means, but wtf)
What's an a-alike?

I know it's all noi related.
Remember when Pun and Fat Joe were like they're twins?

Well, that meant they were a-alikes.

Get it now?

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