Hip-hop lingo you just don't understand

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a Trey pound is a gun...
 2 years ago '14        #706
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Damn, a lot of you n*ggaz aren't even outside..
 2 years ago '17        #705
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"what's a Mack Eleven?"
 11 years ago '04        #704
423 Fiend 
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ham mean hard as a muthaf**ka
 3 years ago '17        #703
LeG.O.A.T  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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This thread where the vultures get they cool hug
 2 years ago '19        #702
GetYaCoinsKing  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Extended d*cks - I know its a reference to extended mags but its just too mf gay to even justify.
 1 year ago '10        #701
t from the 617 
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this is low key one of the funniest threads on bx cause you got dudes who got no clue wtf they talkin about coming in here trying to kick knowledge and they completely wrong.. but so confident about it also lots of dudes exposing themselves
 2 years ago '04        #700
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 NotBoxdN said
What does this mean.. “pull up in a demon on god”
What is a “lemon” and why are there so many squares in the music industry
lmfao... dodge demon..u know the car...
 11 years ago '08        #699
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Gmengfx  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Hip-hop lingo you just don't understand

i hear jada sayin it all the time..and other rappers


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 3 years ago '17        #698
Class of 2017 
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 ruddiger said
Fugazi comes from Vietnam-era military jargon, American GIs would use the term fugazi to describe anything that ended up going badly. "There was a firef*ght and everything went fugazi."
 Penrythejanitor said
To the dude talking about 'fugazy', don't that mean fake - especially fake jewellery? Them mafia dudes were calling swag jewels fugazy in the 60s and 70s, I'm sure of it...

If i had to make a guess I'd guess at an Italian or Yiddish origin...
Fugazi is an old italian hood word for fake. A lot of connected guys have said it throughout history and still say it. It dates back to at least the 1920's. Given Rappers idolization of them and the context especially Future in which he uses the term; it means fake.
 09-03-2010, 12:40 PM         #697
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 Prince Ace said
trae pound is the weight of the gun
this..Its the weight retards..And the term "730" originated for the specific code in NYC jails when you get booked in to identify a person who is "crazy" or "unruly"
 11 years ago '04        #696
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I mean basically the Supreme Alphabet is something 5% use as like a way to find some kind of extra meaning behind words

really they just take words and make these like reverse acronyms from them

so like for 5% Allah is arm leg leg arm head aka a human being

Guru becomes God Universal, Ruler Universal

for pus*y they shorten it with just the first 2 letters P U

P - power

U - You or universe or universal. . ..so the term power u stems from that

as far as dip diver i cant call it. but most of the 5% rappers use the supreme alphabet all through the lyrics

C.O. becomes see cipher or culture cipher
Islam represents I Self Lord and Master

stuff like that all through rap. . .
 11 years ago '04        #695
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 #1nasfan said
I've never understood 7:30 like I know what it means but what's it's origin?
730 means crazy
 11 years ago '04        #694
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 MelloYelloMD said
Uhh bruh M.O stands for modus operandi and has nuttin to do with a mental patient...
M.O. does exist in psychological terms so accident or not, "Mental Observation" kinda makes sense... sorta.

I know it for "Method of Operation" though To each their own.
 11 years ago '05        #693
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 rdrake said
7:30 is Jail talk, it means the same thing as M.O. (mental observation) meaning you know how someone gets down usually they'll bust your sh*t
Uhh bruh M.O stands for modus operandi and has nuttin to do with a mental patient...

 MegaTON said
nobody listens to big moe n*gga
I'm from Maryland and live in ATL and folks DEF know who Big Moe is outside of Houston...it's funny cats are on a music download site but don't expand their horizons

PS :hay: Pittsburgh is certainly part of the East Coast.
 09-03-2010, 12:36 PM         #692
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"Sittin sideways & sippin bar" I hear that sh!t and just go....

 11 years ago '04        #691
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Gwap, that s**t gets on my nerves, n*ggas used to say Guac as in Guacamole, as in a Green dip which made sense, cuz money is green. It's like as it spread around to different regions n*ggas f**ked up the word.
 11 years ago '05        #690
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 tht guy said
He say's he has a gun in his boo purse, basically his girls purse

I hate when i mishear lyrics
 09-03-2010, 01:08 PM         #689
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 ManOfSteel23 said
wtf does 'going ham' mean?
well this is an Atlanta term..Or georgia..Going Ham is just like saying going "crazy" "poppin"
Got the trap going ham..Going ham on these dudes..I went ham on that ham sandwich..LMAO this thread is going to be hilarious
 11 years ago '05        #688
Woodwin  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Alot of s**t people be saying mean something specific to them some s**t youll never know about unless u actually one of they people.
 11 years ago '05        #687
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 Gmengfx said
i mean ya its a possabilty..but you cant overlook that maybe its not that deep

if it was me..and i was beefin with dudes..and i said


i would think that would mean make dudes roll out then..put explosives in his car

to bad there wasnt a line after that that could further proove either ones point

yeah but see the whole point of that song is big telling you how deep real beef realy is u know what im saying... the point of the song is saying like real beef n*ggaz dont see u and drive away real beef they blow your f**king car up, you cant sleep with less then two straps, your mom cant even be at her crib, kids get kidnapped...so if hes running a drug organization like he says in the song then he got mad n*ggaz around him "no less then 30 deep" so out of all them n*ggaz u know u got some that u look at sideways and and are probably two faced cause u keep your enemies the closest so u make one of those n*ggaz start your s**t ...
 11 years ago '04        #686
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I've never understood 7:30 like I know what it means but what's it's origin?
 11 years ago '05        #685
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357 magnum
 11 years ago '04        #684
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 Treylonn said
Ortiz explained that s**t...said it was sum old drunk dude from the block that used to say "YOU WHAT UP" but was mad bent so it sounded like he was sayin "YAOWA"...so it stuck w him and his n*ggaz and they kept on sayin it...
 09-03-2010, 12:43 PM         #683
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This reminds me of...


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