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Tomlinson's New Helmet/Visor

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icon Tomlinson's New Helmet/Visor

Got this off another board...


LaDainian Tomlinson doesnít play in preseason games. But that doesnít mean he isnít doing anything uni-notable ó it just means most of us canít see what heís up to. Fortunately, reader Ryan Luz ó who happens to be an assistant equipment manager at U. of San Diego ó has been paying close attention, and heís noticed a some interesting new developments regarding LTís headwear:

Okay, so you know what LTís normal facemask and visor look like ó just the standard dark tint and a standard three-bar facemask, like this. Within the last week or two, however, he began wearing a new at training camp. This new visor was reflective and blue.

Then he did something Iíve never seen before ó well, two things, actually. First, he wore this new facemask thatís like nothing Iíve seen before. Just very odd, very unique, something Iíve never seen in all of my football equipment managing days.

But the weirdest thing isnít the facemask. If you look closely at this photo again, youíll see heís wearing TWO visors. It appears as though heís wearing the new blue, reflective visor underneath the old standard tinted visor. This is another thing Iíve never seen before.

Since LT doesnít play preseason games, itís not yet clear if this is just some practice thing, or if he will use this configuration in games. Meanwhile, Iím currently scouring the internet trying to find what type of facemask that is, but neither Schutt nor Adams shows that mask on their sites, and Iím 90% sure it isnít a Riddell, because they stick mostly with the traditional masks.

Some quick background: Wearing a tinted visor requires special permission from the NFL (in Tomlinsonís case, itís because he has a light-sensitivity condition that can lead to migraines), but nobody is allowed to wear a colored or reflective visor. Ronnie Brown, for example, was fined for wearing this sunburst-patterned visor in 2005. So is Tomlinsonís dual-visor setup a way for him to hide the contraband visor behind the kosher one? Bizarre.

I like it personally, but then again Im the type of person who likes going against the grain and doing things different. Its also in the new ESPN mag if anyone has it, theres an upclose pic of it in there


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