OFFICIAL BXSC PICKEM (with point spread and confidence values)

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OFFICIAL BXSC PICKEM (with point spread and confidence values)

ok this sh*t right here is for the real heads. fantasy sports is nice and all, but this shows who really knows their football sh*t and who gonna get exposed. fantasy sometimes is a crapshoot...lotta luck involved too

PLEASE READ BELOW (for some of u might be a challenge but try ur best)

its simple...every week, right up until 5 minutes BEFORE EACH GAME (not the first game of the week, u have up until 5 min b4 EACH game to make ur picks) u simply pick a team on what side of the SPREAD (i know amatuers might fear the point spread, but its too ez to predict winners). so ur thinking ok well any idiot can get 50% of his picks right all season and do OK theoretically


with confidence values it dont fly like that. u need to a*sign a confidence value for each game of the week as well and thats how many points u will be getting for a win. lets say theres 16 games in week 1...u a*sign ur most confident point spread 16 (u get 16 points for the win), ur next most confident spread u a*sign 15...etc etc. U MUST a*sIGN EACH GAME WITH A DIFFERENT VALUE. so everyone will have games with 1, 2, 3, etc. i like this aspect cuz it shows which picks were more or less flukes and rewards knowledgable, well thought out picks.

put down ur email address if ur interested and i will send u an invite. 50 spots. (u must sign up with yahoo sports if u arent already)

U MUST USE UR BX NAME (u can add creative sh*t after it if u want) IN THE LEAGUE...anyone who does not WILL be removed (sorry theres no hiding in this pool image image

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